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papait salad ken dinengdeng
on Mar 31, 2013 in beans delicacy exotic food leafy greens salads vegetable bitter ensalada kbl mullogo papait patani salad Pait time, again, and this time, let’s enjoy probably the bitterest, the kapapaitan, of them all: papait itself (mollugo oppositifolia; malagoso or sarsalida in Tagalog; it has a name in English, too, it’s slender carpetweed). I usually j...

ulo ti tilapia
on Mar 12, 2013 in beans fish flowers fruit leafy greens vegetable alukon dinengdeng kalunay pallang patani tilapia tinuno utong Fish head, yeah. And it’s fried. And then it’s boiled right in fish sauce broth. Slowly, to extract its flavor, its essence, to meld with the thickening soup. And then the vegetables are put in to join the simmering fried fish head. Broug...

kardis, alukon, sabong-karabasa, kalunay
on Mar 9, 2013 in beans flowers fruit leafy greens vegetable bugguong dinengdeng inabraw kalunay karabasa kardis kuros Mangantayo manen! come, let’s eat, once all over again, share with me this another dinengdeng, this bugguong-flavored quartet of usual but exquisite Ilokano vegetables. This is a pretty of veggies in that it has legumes (kardis), blossoms (aluk...

pangngaldaw iti STR
on Mar 3, 2013 in beef exotic food fish kilawen leafy greens salads seafood shrimp vegetable cagayan gonzaga lunch malaga padaw pinapaitan salad wangag On a yet another Ilokano writers meet, this time in Gonzaga, Cagayan, we were feted with a nabaknang a pangngaldaw by our kind and generous hosts, right at the STR, a river resort maintained and operated by the municipal government. Well, STR is siro...

alukon ken bagas-kamotig
on Feb 28, 2013 in fish flowers fruit leafy greens root crop vegetable alukon baradibud dinengdeng kamote Gotta get back to more dinengdengs, more veggies ngarud as is my wont. And now, it’s alukon season, and the first that came into mind when I got an alukon is to pair it with bagas ti kamotig–into a baradibud:   I made it with tarong...

paksiw a dalag ken dinengdeng
on Feb 27, 2013 in delicacy exotic food fish leafy greens seafood attasi buntiek dalag dinengdeng mudfish A respite perhaps from my all-dinengdeng, all-nateng feasting, I’d let myself a luxury of having some fat fish for dinner the other day. But not without a dinengdeng to accompany it, of course! This is dalag, also called attasi (in Cagayan) and...

kilawen a sosay
on Feb 26, 2013 in delicacy drinks fish pulutan seafood king fish sosay tanguigue tanigue Sosay it is, one one the many monikers of tanigue or tangngigue or sailfish, swordfish, or big Spanish mackerel whatever, which, aside for being made into a savory sinigang, is most preferred into a tasty and spicy kilawen.   Still on our Iloc...

sandia in san nicolas
on Feb 25, 2013 in fruit pakwan sandia watermelon It’s sandia (pakwan, watermelon) season, at the advent of a hot summer, and hence the abundance of sandia in the market, sold in the tiendaans or right on the roadsides along the national highways. On our recent Ilocos “food trip” s...

pinablad a balatong
on Feb 23, 2013 in beans leafy greens vegetable balatong boiled beans mongo mung beans pinablad Still crazy with veggies, here’s what I have for lunch on a rather cloudy day with bits of rainshower, as in cold day, quite unusual on the onset of summer but a perfect day to boil some balatong because pinablad a balatong is usually a great a...

dinengdeng manen!
on Feb 21, 2013 in beans fruit leafy greens vegetable dinengdeng inabraw kabatiti patani tarong utong Yes, dinengdeng it is. Once again. Once more. At once. Once, and for all. Of course, an Ilokano can’t live by bread or rice alone without his dinengdeng. And so here’s to eternity. And to posterity, let me continue showing and calling for...

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