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on Mar 28, 2013 in Ilokano Cuisine Freshwater Food River Fish Fish Exotic Ilokano Cagayan Delicacy Authentic Ilokano Ilokano Food Freshwater Fish Cagayan Lenten season once again, and accordingly as was and is the traditional belief and practice of the pious and devotees in us, no meat, please. Shun away from meaty pleasures, of fleshy indulgence, whatever that is.  Be contented with veggies.

artem a bawang, young garlic pickled in ilocos (cane) vinegar
on Mar 9, 2013 in Ilokano Cuisine Ilokano Culture Ilocos Delicacy Ilokano Culinary Spices Exotic Ilokano Delicacy Filipino Food Authentic Ilokano Ilokano Food Ilocos Norte Pickled young garlic and chili in cane vinegar. We relish artem or inartem (pickles, pickled), and we fancy pickling, fermenting almost anything in vinegar to freeze the freshness and succulence of fruits and veggies: the usual cool cucumber, carrot...

ubog ti way, rattan bud (heart)
on Mar 8, 2013 in Ilokano Cuisine Wild Vegetables Exotic Ilokano Nueva Vizcaya Exotic Ilokano Culture Ilocos Delicacy Ilokano Culinary Authentic Ilokano Dinengdeng Salads Ilokano Food Fish Sauce Cagayan Tinuno nga ubog ti way, narekaduan iti kamatis, bugguong ken lasona. (Click photo for a larger view)  It's becoming rare that I see ubog ti way (rattan bud) in my market forays, especially so in Cagayan, so When I chanced upon some bundles of u...

kalalaki nga alukon, "male" alukon
on Mar 5, 2013 in Ilokano Cuisine Exotic Ilokano Wild Vegetables Filipino Food Flowers Ilokano Culture Ilocos Delicacy Ilokano Culinary Vegetable Stew Authentic Ilokano Dinengdeng Ilokano Food Inabraw Dinengdeng a kalalaki nga alukon with patani, kardis and pallang. Not many folks, even those so-called patneng nga Ilokanos (true-blue Ilokanos) know or are aware that the fruit (or is it flower?) of the kalalaki nga alukon (male alukon [allaeanthu...

dinardaraan, dry or soupy?
on Mar 4, 2013 in Pinoy Food Delicacy Exotic Ilokano Filipino Food Tuguegarao Home Cooking Ilokano Culture Food Recipes Ilocos Delicacy Ilokano Culinary Authentic Ilokano Ilokano Food Ilocos Norte Innards Namaga a dinardaraan a naparabawan iti naparsik a silet. Dinardaraan or dinuguan or blood stew (also called "chocolate" by some folks, and sapsapuriket [usually when it's chicken dinardaraan]) is a unique Pinoy way of turning pork blood, or any anim...

kaggo & karibuyo
on Feb 25, 2013 in Sea Shellfish Cagayan Delicacy Grilled Sea Food Aphrodisiac Shells Cagayan Kaggo Kinilaw Kaggo & karibuyo soup. Kaggo is a big clam found in brackish and muddy waters in Cagayan, where rivers or swamps meet with the sea or sea water, usually under or along nipa trees. Also called kappo in other places, it i...

a feast of ilokano food exotica...
on Feb 16, 2013 in River Fish Fish Marunggay Exotic Ilokano Shells Exotic Saluyot Insects Ilokano Culture Ilocos Delicacy Ilokano Culinary Solsona Authentic Ilokano Salads Dinengdeng Ilokano Food Ilocos Norte Bugs Of course, there's still a sort of exotica when it comes to Ilokano food, whatever being exotic means. And although these are common fares specially in the away or in the barrios/farming communities, it becomes a rare delicacy or exotic even, when th...

red/purple katuday
on Feb 12, 2013 in Ilokano Cuisine Recipes for Food Pinoy Food Delicacy Flowers Vegetables Home Cooking Ilokano Culture Ilocos Delicacy Vegetable Stew Authentic Ilokano Dinengdeng Ilokano Food Inabraw Nalabbasit a katuday. It's February. And it's 14th. Supposedly a lovers' day for all. It's also flowers and chocolate's day, you can't imagine how many tons of cut flowers and chocolate bars may have been gifted upon and consumed on this single day...

pinakbet a bawang, young garlic stew
on Jan 31, 2013 in Ilokano Cuisine Spices Delicacy Exotic Ilokano Home Cooking Ilokano Culture Food Recipes Ilocos Delicacy Ilokano Culinary Vegetable Stew Pinakbet Authentic Ilokano Dinengdeng Ilokano Food Ilocos Norte Pinakbet a naganus a bawang. Some time before the maturing and uprooting season of garlic in the Ilocos provinces, the tiendaan or mercado publico (public/local market) is usually abundant with young garlic being sold alongside young onions. Althoug...

pancit chronicles, episode 2: batil patung @ lamud's panciteria, tuguegarao city
on Jan 5, 2013 in Itawes Dish Ibanag Dish Delicacy Filipino Food Noodles Exotic Beef Tuguegarao Philippine Recipes Pasta Cagayan Delicacy Batil Patung Cagayan Pancit Pancit batil-patung @ Lamud's Panciteria, Tuguegarao City. 2013. And I want my first blog entry of the new year to be more on and about pancit, the batil-patung variety of Tuguegarao City. This is to continue chronicling my...

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