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Barley, super food with amazing nutritional value
on Apr 14, 2013 in health and home healthy body healthy foods medicine physical health Barley super food One of the more evident uses of barley (Hordeum vulgare), which belongs to the grass family that produces an edible whole grain, was for beer production and dates back to circa 3500–3100 BC in Iran, while the Greeks utilized its … Continue re...

McVities Digestives: A Healthy Delight in a Bite
on Apr 5, 2013 in healthy foods McVities Digestives McVities Light Digestive McVities Milk Chocolate Digestive McVities Original Digestive McVities Wholemeal Digestive I know you had your taste of healthy snacks, wheat breads and all that. I have noticed some people say “No” to wheat breads because they didn’t taste that good in comparison to the usual food we eat. Let me … Continue reading...

Burn Calories in 10 Minutes
on Apr 5, 2013 in health tips healthy body healthy lifestyle physical health burn calories burn fat in 10 minutes diet exercise tips Today, many people  spend too much time in front of the television, computers, playing games on the phone, binge eating, and the likes. Downside is, fat, fat, and more stored fat. Reason? Because of inability of the muscles to work. … Continue...

Check Out Dentists in Arcadia
on Apr 3, 2013 in hygiene dentist Checking out dentist in arcadia can help you to figure out whether or not Invisalign is what you need. Their arcadia dentist office is very welcoming and we really cannot think of any other place to recommend that is better … Continue reading &...

Grow Lights Needed for Hydroponics
on Apr 2, 2013 in health and home healthy enviroment Hydroponics If you want an easier time growing things, try hydroponics. To get started, check out some led grow lights for sale and discounted grow light from if you are interested in capturing your journey and also to save yourself … Continu...

Tips on Getting a Suntan
on Mar 22, 2013 in health and beauty health tips summer tips Suntan tips Tips on Getting a Suntan Going on a vacation? Excited to take a swim and get that beautiful suntan look? Here’s a few tips you should know before getting a suntan. Apply and re-apply sunscreen on all over your body (don’t forget any area) Wear … Continue re...

Stop Smoking Now!
on Mar 22, 2013 in health tips healthy body healthy lifestyle physical health cigarette smoking quit smoking smoking stop smoking Quitting smoking is not that easy. Ask those people who love it and they will tell you the same. The addiction and the calmness they get whey they take a hit is not that easy to give up. But we … Continue reading →...

Lemongrass Tea: Natural Cure for Colds and Flu
on Mar 22, 2013 in health and home health tips healthy foods medicine physical health cure for colds cure for flu flu remedy homemade tea how to prepare lemongrass tea lemongrass tea natural cure for colds and flu remedy for colds and flu tea Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) or much known as Tanglad/Tanlad is used not only in cooking but also as herbal medicine because of its citrus scent and flavor. Two of the illnesses it can cure are colds and flu: If you love … Continue reading...

Common Summer Skin Problems
on Mar 21, 2013 in health and beauty health and home healthy enviroment hygiene physical health Common Summer Skin Problems skin skin problem Summer It’s summer once again! The time of the year when the sun is beaming so bright and it’s really scorching. It’s also the season for common skin problems to occur. Pimples and Acne – it can even be in your … Continue readi...

Ethyl Vs. Isopropyl Alcohol
on Mar 21, 2013 in health and home hygiene difference between isopropyl and ethyl alcohol Ethanol Ethyl Vs. Isopropyl Alcohol food poison Due to diseases caused by bacteria and germs, it is best to always keep yourself clean. There has been an ongoing campaign regarding this: Wash your hands whenever you touch anything because your hands get most of the dirt and … Continue readin...

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