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Observed Changes in Hispanic Education – Improved Support on Higher Education
on Apr 9, 2013 in Education education Educational Support Higher Education Hispanic Education The needs for employment have changed significantly for the past years that obtaining a higher education become a necessity for anyone who wanted to achieve their dream career. Fortunately, Hispanic students today can avail for Hispanic Grants for Sc...

Workers Rights
on Apr 7, 2013 in Careers Employment Jobs Corporations Act jobs Workers Rights Yahoo’s ruling: an infringement of worker’s rights? Yahoo has been prevalent in the media in recent times as a result of its cull on home working, or telecommuting and its relation to the corporations act. In a memo issued to their staff...

A Look into the Past: The Last Concert of Apo Hiking Society in Davao City
on Apr 6, 2013 in Concerts Destination Davao Apo Hiking Society CAP Auditorium Davao City Paalam nApo This was held in CAP Auditorium last May 5, 2010. The last Concert of the Apo Hiking Society and the first concert I ever attended with the trio. I recalled the concert was packed with lots of people whom are very enthusiastic and eager to hear their...

Ways to Get Fit and Earn Money on the Side
on Apr 3, 2013 in Blogging make a website Make Money Online Careers Employment online job Although exercise is good for health, it is easy to overlook the benefits of the routine. The problem is that many exercise routines can seem like a chore. The easiest way to get motivated to improve physical fitness is by making a little extra money...

Why Bank Loans Aren’t Always a Bad Idea
on Apr 1, 2013 in Finance Make Money Online Savings Bank Loans Finace money Money Matters Through the years, bank loans have gained somewhat of a poor reputation. When you mention that you might take one out, the people who you know tend to look both confused and concerned. What are some of the reasons why these types of loans are not alw...

A Must See Animals at Masao Beach Resort
on Mar 29, 2013 in Animals Davao Oriental Resorts & Hotels Travel davao oriental Hotels & Resorts Masao Beach Resort mati city travel WildlIfe I wasn’t expecting any animal park in Masao Beach Resort but my husband’s cousin found it and told us about it. At first I was very skeptical because he was just laughing and I can sense that he was joking but I was wrong and I told my husb...

5 Reasons to Consider Buying a Hybrid Car
on Mar 26, 2013 in car repair Cars cars Hybrid Cars Tires Tyres 1. Rising Gas Prices The gas prices in Australia have been on the rise for a while and are reaching astronomical heights with no sign of slowing down. Hybrid cars can save owners quite a lot of money by reducing the amount of gas that is needed per m...

Teacher’s Fashion
on Mar 26, 2013 in Careers Education Accessories Designer Deals Dress Code education Employment Footwear Teacher's Fashion Nobody wants to be the frumpy, old, unattractive, and perceived to be mad-at-the-entire-world teacher that kids dread going to class with. Unfortunately, if you dress in old, dingy clothes that are ill-fitting, kids, their parents and your peers will...

Masao Beach Resort in Brgy. Tamisan, Mati City, Davao Oriental
on Mar 24, 2013 in Davao Oriental Resorts & Hotels Travel beach davao oriental Hotels & Resorts Masao Beach Resort mati city travel Summer is just around the corner would it be great to celebrate a simple birthday celebration of mine. Anyway, I told my hubby about it and he said yes and so with everyone around and our little escape happened though it’s the Holy Week I guess cel...

4 Ways to Start Saving Early if You Want Your Kids at Uni
on Mar 24, 2013 in Education Savings education Finance money Unfortunately the cost of University discourages many students from undertaking the degrees that they need to secure a good career. Without registering for a Government loan for their studies, your children face an almost impossible task of paying th...

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