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Site Description: This is my life. I have no idea where it's headed to, but I'll get there once I have it all figured out one day. All I know is that I'm just here, hopefully waiting for that day to come. And I'm not giving up just yet.
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Tags: poetry, typography, reflections, crafts, DIYA

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on Jun 1, 2012Oh my God. The Perks of Being a Wallflower will be showing on September 14. Please Lord I will do anything just please allow me to watch this on the day itself! I've been waiting for this since last year. I'm just a little concerned, though. The book...

Dan X Blair
on Jun 1, 2012 in dair gossip girl chair gossip girl dair obsession opinion dan and blair blair and dan blair waldorf dan humphrey random chuck bass chair gossip girl A lot of people tell me I'm choosy with everything but when I like one thing or another, I get too attached to it and I tend to get a little too obsessed as well. The best way to deal with this, I think, is to blog about whatever I'm obsessed about.

on May 31, 2012I know I'm too obsessed (or obsessive, rather), but if you're a avid reader of my blog or if you're a close friend, you'll know it's a block of my personality. Nonetheless, I asked Renz to edit my profile picture and here it is (TADAAAAAAA!):You...

DIY R2D2 shoes
on May 31, 2012 in star wars r2d2 DIY shoes DIY r2d2 shoes paint DIY vans r2d2 vans DIY projects vans r2d2 shoes Yesterday, I made a DIY Galaxy shirt and promised to finish my R2D2 Vans. It wasn't that easy because I had to wrestle with an ugly and unruly unworthy-to-be-called-a-paintbrush. More like a malnourished cow's toothpick, maybe? Hahahaha. I didn'...

on May 31, 2012My Lookbook is dead. I need to get skinny.

DIY Galaxy shirts
on May 30, 2012If there's one thing I really like about my upbringing, it's how my mother's side of the family immersed us, intentionally and unintentionally, in the world of arts, crafts, reinventing junk, and DIYs if you want something you can't afford. Kidding a...

on May 28, 2012I just looked at myself in front of the mirror a few minutes ago and I think I just crushed my own self esteem. I am so fucking fat. I think I can die now.

on May 27, 2012I've been waiting for so long already for the results of the first batch run which was supposed to be released yesterday. I've been raping the refresh button since this morning because I was sure it would be released today, and it was. Here's a meme...

on May 26, 2012My questions have been answered, and I've always known it wouldn't take me this long to finally get a grasp of awareness and the bitter taste of truth.

I live in a jungle
on May 14, 2012I really had to clean up earlier. I am such a lazy person and I've been living with and in this mess since I got here. Hahaha. Look, it's Darth Vader!

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