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Use Page Flip Software to PDF Files
on Apr 10, 2013 in Software page flip software I’m sure all of you have already seen and touched fliers, books newspapers, magazines, etc. by your hands right? Would you believe that it is also possible view a certain book virtually? Just like this one, see photo below: The photo above is o...

Best 2013 Vehicles for Young Professionals Just Starting Out
on Apr 9, 2013 in General Technology Best 2013 Vehicles Best 2013 Vehicles for Young Professionals College graduation, check. Now you've got your own place, landed your first '"big-kid" job and want to polish off your new adult life with a new car. Although you may have always envisioned for yourself a shiny new Mercedes or BMW, it...

Don’t Accept Non-Professional Printing from a Photographer
on Apr 8, 2013 in Service Tips and Advice hire a professional photographer When hiring a professional photographer to do digital prints, or scan old photos and recreate them, high quality ink and paper is necessary. High quality ink prints, resolution, and picture clarity are always important, regardless of what prints or d...

What Is Authorship and Why Your Blog Needs It For SEO?
on Apr 7, 2013 in SEO Tips and Advice What Is Authorship Those who keep up with the latest trends in SEO have probably found references to Google Authorship recently. What is Authorship? In short, Google Authorship is a method for Google to tie together content and authors. It helps authors gain a reputati...

Two-way Radios for Medical Offices
on Mar 17, 2013 in Technology medical office two way radios two way radios two way radios for medical offices Communication is always important to every people. We use it in our homes and workplaces such as School, Business Companies and even in Hospitals. Nurses, Doctors, Office Managers and Reception Staff should always make their communication present. An...

New Facebook News Feed – March 2013
on Mar 17, 2013 in Social Media facebook new news feed New Facebook News Feed New Facebook News Feed 2013 New Facebook News Feed march 2013 new news feed of facebook Do you already have the New Facebook News Feed as of March 2013? There has been a lot of difference. Chat box is now on the left side. Notifications area is now on the right side. Search box is also different. Have you already seen the new Facebook t...

Facebook’s New Timeline – March 2013
on Mar 15, 2013 in Social Media Facebook's New Timeline - March 2013 Facebook's New Timeline 2013 Facebook's New Timeline March Here’s the new look of Facebook’s Timeline as of March 2013. I love it, the posts are all on the right side, not confusing and all other details are on the left side. You can now highlight your posts just like on your fan pages. You can s...

Do You Know Where Your Jewels Are?
on Mar 5, 2013 in Fashion Home home jewelry safe Store Them or Wear Them Do You Know Where Your Jewels Are? A home jewelry safe is a great way to keep your jewels protected, obviously. If your home gets broken in to, a safe is going to protect them from theft. But most of us do not really consider...

Got Debt? Try This Strategy to Pay It Off
on Mar 2, 2013 in Money Web Hosting hosting company Intechnology Most Americans are deep in debt. Recent college graduates have student loan debt, and plenty of Americans have credit card debt. Add in mortgages, second mortgages, private loans, car loans, and well, it’s not a pretty financial picture. Recent...

5 Tips To Pitch Your Fashion Blogs To Big Brands
on Feb 19, 2013 in Blogging Fashion Fashion Blogs When you have a fashion blog that you want to grow by pitching it to big brands, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you to get ahead in the online world and in the fashion industry itself. Understanding all about the fashion industry and h...

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