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Pork and Mushroom Siomai
on Apr 12, 2013 in snack Asian pork Chinese I have always loved my mom's cooking. Who doesn't, huh? I mean, who does not love their mom's cooking? I bet everyone does.  No one is a greater cook than our own mothers, right? Living away from her for years now, there are times wherein I wish th...

Babi Chin (Fragrant Pork) and Nonya Cuisine
on Nov 2, 2012 in entree rice mushroom pork What is Nonya Cuisine?  I wonder too myself when  I saw this mini cookbook when I was browsing the rack of a bookstore nearby, which by the way was years ago, even before I started blogging. As I skim the pages, I found some interesting recipes t...

Suman sa Lihiya with Latik (Wrapped Rice Cake with Coco-Butter Syrup)
on Oct 15, 2012 in Filipino snack coconut butter rice The last two months has been hectic and chaotic but I tell you was so much fun! Even before the LEAP (the coaching program I am active in) ended, I told myself that I will share with you a delicacy that Filipinos love but are not making to...

#PeachLove:Peach-Banana Maruya
on Aug 20, 2012Peach! Peach! Peach! Not the color but the fruit.  Guess what? I like eating peaches from the can, not the fresh one, why? I really don't know and I don't want to figure it out anyway :') Peach-Banana Maruya You see, I have not been around...

Nutella Choco Chip Cookie
on Jul 6, 2012 in cookies nutella chocolate Going back to the corporate work after more than two years away from it is kinda exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.  You may say I'm over reacting but it's true.  I have been in my comfort zone doing the things I love for quite sometime...

#PastaLove : Linguine with Tuyo and Kesong Puti
on May 8, 2012Last month's theme for Love Bloghop is #berrylove and I missed it (sigh).  Not because I did not know about it, but because of a busy life that I actually miss my own kitchen! Well, for this month's #pastalove, I'm making time to write and share th...

Banana - Cinnamon Cake
on Apr 29, 2012 in cake banana Let me tell you something about me: I love ripe mangoes but I don't drink mango juice.  I like grapes but despise grape juice.  I am fond of pineapple juice, but not the fruit, unless it's from the can.  I like bananas (fruit) and milk but NEVER...

Visita Iglesia : The FOOD Part
on Apr 20, 2012 in tradition adventures of the blogger Catholic As I have promised in my latest post about Visita Iglesia : A Catholic Tradition, here is the continuation of that adventure, the one that talks about the food part. The trip was like a fiesta, a food fair.  Street foods line the streets and corner...

Visita Iglesia: A Catholic Tradition
on Apr 12, 2012 in churches tradition Catholic Visita Iglesia, meaning church visits, is a tradition that most Filipinos and Catholics alike worldwide observe during Holy Week specifically on Maundy Thrusday.  During this day, Catholics visit churches ranging from to 1 to 14 wherein they meditat...

Pastillas de Ube and Tagaytay
on Mar 29, 2012 in Filipino milk ube dessert Tagaytay for me means Ube Jam! Tagaytay is about 60km or 37miles located south of Manila, just about an hour drive.  The place is near enough for Manilenos (people living in Manila) to visit the city every now and then.  Here is where they do picn...

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