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Reducing Monthly Bills by Reassessing your Insurance Costs
on Jul 14, 2010 in Internet Simplicity auto insurance california cutting costs free quotes frugal living frugality HOI home insurance homeowners insurance Illinois insurance local monthly bills premiums quotes savings Nowadays, in today's highly competitive insurance market, one can find the best deals by simply going online, and getting the best home insurance quotes... for free. Many web sites that offer "free quotes" can be very useful and can provide you with...

The Forgotten Photos: “Venice, Italy” August 2005 – Part 2
on Jul 13, 2010 in Culture Digital Photography Travel bridges buildings canals charm Europe gondolas gondoliers Hotel Capri Italy old world Piazza San Marco Santa Maria della Salute Venetian Architecture Venice windows The Hotel Capri This is a continuation from Part 1 in the series. On our first day in Venice, it rained! I remember passing through the train station and coming out the other side to catch a first glimpse of Venice and it was pouring and the skies we...

The Forgotten Photos: “Venice, Italy” August 2005 – Part 1
on Jul 12, 2010 in Culture Digital Photography Travel Adriatic Sea bridges canals gelato gondolas gondoliers Grand Canal Hotel Capri Italy Paris to Venice Piazzo San Marco Santa Lucia train station Santa Maria della Salute vaporetto Venice I’m not really good about uploading all the photographs I’ve taken. Usually, I’m too critical about my photography skills. And, it wasn’t until only a few years ago that I finally bought a decent digital camera, just in time t...

The Most Popular Posts at the Zen Garden: 1st Half of 2010
on Jul 9, 2010 in Culture Internet Music Raw Foods 1960s Angelina Jolie asian Bollywood e.e. cummings Filipino-American filipinos keith jarrett Keith Jarrett Trio Linux Living Foods Lucid Lynx Nostalgia Poetry prose Raw Cacao Smoothie Ubuntu World Is India Top 10 Posts: 2010 Below you’ll find the most popular posts within the first 6 months of 2010. I enjoy writing these Top-10-Posts articles every now and then, as many of you are aware. For me it’s just fun, but I think it also helps Googl...

3 Ways To Save with Online Promotions, Coupons and Value Books
on Jul 7, 2010 in Frugal Living Health & Lifestyle Internet Simplicity being frugal being thrifty cost savings coupons frugality online coupons promotional codes promotions savings sunday paper Travel vacations value books I confess that taking advantage of cost savings through the use of online coupons and promotional discounts is something I never really jumped into until recent years. is a great site to find online coupons and promotional codes so that...

Random Thoughts on Moving and a Frugal Lifestyle
on Jul 5, 2010 in Frugal Living Internet Travel california Chicago moving companies condos frugal lifestyle frugal spending frugality movers in Tucson planning a successful move relocating relocation Riverside San Diego saving money tips of saving No doubt if you've been a fairly regular reader, you know that, every now and then, I try to share tips for saving money and living a frugal lifestyle. Well, in these tough economic times, I've certainly been posting more ways to saving and practice...

4 Tips To Live More Frugally and Save for Travel
on Jul 1, 2010 in Frugal Living Health & Lifestyle Travel auto insurance CNN Credit Card Debt credit cards Health health coverage health insurance health plan saving self employed group health small group health travel fund travel time traveling A quick glance on CNN Health will feature the latest new advancements in modern medicine and medical technology, though it's a fact that Americans aren't getting the adequate healthcare and health insurance they need. Or, they simply are going witho...

A Trip Through Old Cape Cod
on Jun 29, 2010 in Culture Digital Photography Travel Atlantic Ocean Cape Cod Cape Cod Bay Cape Cod Potato Chips ferry Himalayan Handicrafts Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts Nauset Lighthouse ocean Old Cape Cod Places Near Boston Provincetown sea The Cape If you’ve been reading along here at the Zen Garden, the last week of May 2010 was the week my wife and I took off for Boston to attend my niece’s graduation from Harvard, and we used the remainder of the time to explore New England, trav...

Tonight We Gazed At The Stars
on Jun 27, 2010 in The Lost Archives california eternal eye heavens infinite moon night-time sky roof San Diego Scripps Ranch universe Originally Posted: Monday ~ 07/29/2002 I picked up my older son at his grandpa’s tonight. He had slept-over for the weekend. On our way back home I opened the “moon roof” of the car and we gazed up at the stars, just my son and I, l...

An Ocean of Acceptance
on Jun 27, 2010 in The Lost Archives almost drowned body surfing boogie boarding buoy Butterfly Beach california drowning ocean santa barbara sea surf swimming swimming laps UC Santa Barbara zen koan Originally Posted: Friday ~ August 02, 2002 “…the wave and the sea are one…” —a zen koan Three weekends ago the family was in Santa Barbara, spending a long weekend up there to relax and hang out with my sister-in-law, b...

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