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Site Description: A journal of how I live and how I will conquer the world. One day at a time. A combination of travel and personal family stories on our journey as we migrate to canada.
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My first winter sport adventure @ Horseshoe Valley - Part 2
on Feb 22, 2013 in Immigrant's Story Corporate Slavery World Travels Canada Tourism ...The snowshoeing adventure did not end there (see part 1).  There were 3 more challenges after the snowshoeing First, we were asked to build our house with only a tarpaulin and a rope and anything that is non-man made.  (a.k.a. Survivior...

My first winter sport adventure @ Horseshoe Valley - Part 1
on Feb 22, 2013 in Immigrant's Story Corporate Slavery World Travels Canada Tourism Technically, I'm on my second winter season, but since last year's winter was a write-off due to the absence of snow, it is only now that I start to appreciate or hate the cold and the snow that winter brings.  Last week, I  was again o...

Golden, Colorado plus more!
on Feb 14, 2013 in Corporate Slavery World Travels So this is where the American West lives... Howdy! The city of Golden lies at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. On our day 1, you can already appreciate the mountains without the snow. But overnight as the snow falls over the city, the mountai...

What makes Denver unique?
on Feb 5, 2013 in Corporate Slavery World Travels I went to Colorado for a week long business trip, this is one of the perks of a corporate slave.  I love travelling.  Business trips like this is bitter sweet.  I dreaded for this day, unlike before, I don't get excited with busin...

When languange is a barrier
on Jan 24, 2013 in Immigrant's Story Mommy Duties Silly Mommy... Ouch! This is what I felt when I first heard my daughter call me silly.  In Filipino culture or at least how I grew up, silly is similar to stupid, "bobo".  It hurt when my daughter called me silly.  I wanted to scold he...

Home Economics 101
on Jan 20, 2013 in Mommy Duties After spending half of my life time in an all-girls school with a Home Economics course every single year, I could not remember a damn thing.  Oh actually I do!  I remember my teacher, Mrs Siongco and her timeless jokes: "Line-up alp...

Blog Upgrade
on Jan 9, 2013I am starting the new year by upgrading my blog.  I just bought my own domain! You can now visit me at -- > It is the same old blog but different name (removing the blogspot on it)  plus I am trying to...

New Year's Eve
on Dec 31, 2012 in personal New Year's eve has been the most difficult holiday to celebrate since we moved to Canada.  I remember back in Manila, NYE was the most awaited night...lots of sounds (noise), food (fat), going to church and of course the fire crackers.  I m...

Property Virgins
on Dec 23, 2012 in First Timers Yes, I just lost my virginity... my property virginity and I am glad I did it ... (LOL!) Losing my property virginity isn't as easy as the one shown on TV.  We did not look at just 3 houses...we looked at an estimated number of 3 do...

Our Merry Christmas Begins
on Dec 5, 2012 in personal Both the company that my husband and I work for have the Children's Holiday Celebration on the same day - this means a back to back party for us.  While on our way to the first party my husband and I were reminiscing.  Same time last year,...

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