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Before They Put A Ring on It
on Mar 26, 2012When you've been friends with someone before the both of you hit puberty, pinpointing the exact moment that you met would be a long, long trip down memory lane. But with Marj, it's different. She was just as pretty then, sure, but w...

Venturing North: Brunch at Stacy's
on Mar 24, 2012Based on the way Carlo and I celebrated our fifth anniversary last month, you can tell that having brunch together is a huge deal for us. Last Saturday, he drove me to Capitol Hills, Quezon City, so we could check out Stacy's, and take pleasure in se...

How to Entertain Friends in Your Twenties
on Mar 21, 2012This particular realization will slowly make its presence felt, and resound the loudest when you'll get past the age of 25. Quiet birthday celebrations trump the frantic, amped up ones. When Lizzie invited The Circle to her home last month, and prov...

Some Things Are Best in Black And White
on Mar 19, 2012For example, photos so rife with meaning that they don't need color. First moments--of being with your godson at the beach, seeing him touch a starfish, and holding him in the water. See the full gallery on Posterous And time...

BTW's Summer Girl Series: Karina
on Mar 15, 2012You know who they are. Those extraordinary, effortlessly gorgeous, radiant women who carry the sun with them. This particular Brave The Waves series, which is going to run year-round, proves that yes, summer can be personfied no matter what the seaso...

Marching Bands of Katipunan
on Mar 12, 2012Your reason for going to the Death Cab for Cutie concert last Monday reflected precisely why you first fell in love with them. You knew their songs would hurt your soul, but it was the kind of pain that you willingly gave in to. You would also go...

Mindoro's Hidden Gem: Tinuruk Falls
on Mar 10, 2012Lucky, lucky Malasimbastards. That's what we thought when our tribe had the chance to wash away our hangover, and recharge our weary bodies by going up to Tinuruk Falls in San Teodoro, Mindoro on the last day of the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival.

The Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival All in A Haze
on Mar 7, 2012Looking back on that night, it really did feel like it was an out of body experience. Trekking up to Malasimbo's natural amphitheater, soul-grabbing installations of some of the country's finest artists popped out from the greens--an apt sign of...

BTW x Aframe Shirt Giveaway: Surf Dreamz Lanuza
on Mar 5, 2012If you're a beach bunny like I am, you've probably considered giving surfing a shot. Chances are, some of you are brilliant at it (teach me, master!). Every summer, one of my favorite homegrown brands, Aframe Surf Company rolls out a surf camp...

Top 3 Essentials that You Should Pack for Any Music and Arts Festival
on Mar 4, 2012When we say "essentials," let's go with things that can be felt, not seen. The most memorable music and arts festivals hit you because you carry the needed mindset and attitude, not because of how much you spend, and who you know. So the next time yo...

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