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What is Embryology of the parotid gland
on Oct 26, 2011Salivary glands, from the monitored organisms but varies between species. Only available in the parotid gland in mammals. Ectoderm of the oral cavity consists of all the salivary glands and oral epithelium proliferation in solid cell clusters as a re...

Anatomy of the parotid gland
on Oct 23, 2011In general, the major salivary glands (glandula salivariae majores) and minor (glandula salivariae minores) in two groups, including the salivary glands. Secretion and shedding in the oral cavity, located around the mouth, the salivary glands and a l...

Histology of the parotid gland
on Oct 22, 2011Salivary glands, the glands are tubular secretion and a duct on the outside structure out with the help of cloth are included in the group.Salivary glands and stroma is composed of parenchyma. Parenchyma of the glands, secretions produced by erosion...

Gonococcal Urethritis
on Oct 19, 2011The anterior urethra of either gender, skin and perineum due to proximity of the same type includes a small number of microorganisms. These microorganisms are often coagulase-negative staphylococci, Corynebacterium, and Lactobacillus species.A gram-n...

Non-gonococcal Urethritis
on Oct 18, 2011NGU "in the most important and potentially the most dangerous pathogens C. Trachomatis is ". Of cases of NGU % 30-50 "Sinden C. Trachomatis is responsible. NGU "li 25-60% of heterosexual men, "then, Gonorrhea 4-40% of men" and STD clinics, but not se...

What is urethral stricture
on Oct 17, 2011Urethral stricture, as the term is usually the anterior urethra, spongy erectile tissue that covers the corpus cavernosum defines or refers to the formation of scar. Impairing the urethral epithelium or the underlying corpus cavernosum to result in s...

Intraprostatic ductal reflux
on Oct 13, 2011The possible channels of bacteria in urine and prostatic reflux, the most important etiologic role in the pathogenesis of prostatic inflammation has been proposed as one mechanism. Anatomically, the peripheral zone of prostatic ductal drainage zones...

Benign prostatic hyperplasia
on Oct 12, 2011BPH, the prostate histologically stromal and epithelial cell hyperplasia in the periurethral zone. Prostate is an organ of adult men and weighs approximately 20 grams of BPD develops until it remains the same. Calculation of the exact prevalence is d...

What is cystitis
on Oct 12, 2011U.S. "in the 4 to 6 million cases of acute bacterial cystitis in young women between the ages of 20 and 40 seen and 25% of women - 30" flour UTI "have been calculated. Emerged as risk factors for sexual intercourse and condom use. Urinary and fecal f...

Overactive Bladder
on Oct 12, 2011AAM frequent urination, nocturia, urgency emergency, and / or urge incontinence, characterized by local pathological or metabolic cause of these symptoms could explain the absence of a definition symptomatology. AAM, Europe and America "in approximat...

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