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Comment on Samsung and Google teaming up to fight back Apple, Google’s Nexus 7 could be next battleground by Apple gets rid of Youtube in iOS 6 | SC 2.0
on Aug 6, 2012[...] those of you thinking this is connected to the ongoing feud between Apple and Samsung which has kind of dragged Google into the picture, it is not according to [...]...

Comment on T-Mobile CEO Philipp Humm resigns, jumping to Vodafone? by Google's first female engineer Marissa Mayer is now Yahoo President and CEO | SC 2.0
on Jul 15, 2012[...] ago, we reported former T-Mobile CEO Philip Humm resigning to possibly jump ship to Vodafone. Now we have another case of jumping ships, this time involving two major search engines. Marissa [...]...

Comment on Apple wins: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in the US by US Judge Richard Posner: Feud between Apple and Samsung has made patents ugly and problematic | SC 2.0
on Jul 7, 2012[...] a temporary reprieve from the US Court of Appeals regarding the patent infringement the company allegedly committed against Apple. The latter has yet to respond to the favorable decision obtained by [...]...

Comment on Samsung Galaxy S III explodes in owner’s car by iPhone 4S overheats and flames up in user's pocket | SC 2.0
on Jul 4, 2012[...] reported weeks ago how a Samsung Galaxy S III overheated and exploded inside a car. Apple probably got a good laugh at seeing competitor’s phone look bad at that. [...]...

Comment on Apple wins: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in the US by Samsung and Google teaming up to fight back Apple, Google's Nexus 7 could be next battleground | SC 2.0
on Jul 1, 2012[...] Samsung saw its Galaxy Tabs removed from store shelves due to the US ban obtained by Apple, many wondered what would be the company’s next move. Many of us know Samsung is still [...]...

Comment on Korean and Chinese Gamers beat Diablo 3 in just 7 Hours! by Canadian gamers Kripp and Krippi beat Diablo 3 in Hardcore Difficulty | SC 2.0
on Jun 20, 2012[...] our post here about the Korean and Chinese gamers who beat Diablo 3 in 7 hours? That was in Normal Difficulty. And many wondered how long will it take to beat the game in the [...]...

Comment on Newer, better Google Maps announced by Google by 3-D version of Google Earth demonstrated | SC 2.0
on Jun 6, 2012[...] Google announced the coming of a better version of Google Maps. By this, they probably meant a better version of [...]...

Comment on Diablo 3 Launched! by Watch Diablo III Movie | SC 2.0
on May 15, 2012[...] interesting in Blizzard’s latest release Diablo III is its [...]...

Comment on Diablo 3 Launched! by Korean and Chinese Gamers beat Diablo 3 in just 7 Hours! | SC 2.0
on May 14, 2012[...] of Diablo 3. The original launch date was supposed to be in June 28, 2008 but the game was released just recently. That’s 12 years of waiting people. 12 years to develop and release a game, for it to be [...]...

Comment on Samsung unveils Galaxy S III at Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 by The next LG smartphone, LG Optimus LTE2, has 2 GB of RAM | SC 2.0
on May 5, 2012[...] with its iPhone 4, while Samsung keeps the competition close and poses a legitimate threat with the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S III. But if you thought the smartphone race was purely between these two, think again. There’s [...]...

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