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A Guy and a Girl
on Mar 14, 2011A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other...Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time,maybe too late, or maybe forever...  ...

Mistakes in Love
on Mar 14, 2011We may love the wrong person,and cry for the wrong reason,but no matter how wrong things went,one thing is for sure,mistake help find the person destined for us...  ...

Distance Yourself
on Mar 14, 2011Sometimes you just needto distance yourself from people.If they care, they'll notice.If they don't, you know where you stand.  ...

If A Boy Calls You
on Mar 14, 2011If a boy calls you hot,he looked at your bodyif he calls you pretty,he looks at your face,but if he calls you beautifulhe looks at your SOUL...  ...

Moving On Is Easy
on Mar 7, 2011People don't really need reasons and explanations in order to move onbecause moving on is an easy thingif you start accepting everything  ...

One You Are Hurt
on Mar 7, 2011It's like once you're hurtyou're so scared to get attached againlike you have this fear that every personyou like is going to break your heart  ...

Test Someone
on Mar 7, 2011Sometimes we have to test someonenot because we don't trust thembut to see how much they'll sacrifice for us   ...

If I Love Again
on Mar 7, 2011If love will make me fall againI hope it will be with a personwho's willing to justify through wordsand actions what love really means  ...

Pretend Sometimes
on Mar 7, 2011sometimes you have to pretendthat you're happy and fineuntil you realizethat your pretensionhas become your strength to move on   ...

Never Expect
on Mar 7, 2011never expectnever assumenever askand never demand. Just let it be because if its meant to beit will happen the way you want to be  ...

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