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I can’t think of a title, and Fiana keeps screaming Christmas rhymes
on Dec 26, 2010 in persOnal Articles and Interviews Arts Blog blogs christmas fashion blog Justine Lourdes Lumingkit link linked Programs Reality television Reality-Based Television Ok, i confess. I’ve grown maliciously addicted to blogs. I go on reading frenzies that take up an enormous amount of time, finding myself in the midst of a jungle of words and images, only realizing hours later that I’ve totally missed my class.

Facehunter in MANILA!
on Dec 26, 2010 in persOnal justine lumingkit Justine Lourdes Lumingkit book signing facehunter status magazine yvan rodic I am DEVASTATED that I was NOT informed.  Yvan Rodic, fly to South Cotabato, please? x  ...

Trunkshow= 트렁크 쇼
on Dec 24, 2010 in persOnal Clothing Dress Footwear Justine Lourdes Lumingkit justine lumingkit Shopping Shorts Specialty Sizes Trunk (anatomy) Trunkshow= 트렁크 쇼 Women (We look alike, I know ) Hello again! I’m trying so much to stop procrastinating, as i was supposed to be done writing here… like 3 hours ago. But…. I haven’t started! 6 more days, and I’m getting more lethargic by the minute! Whatever, not...

Ho! Ho! Ho!
on Dec 24, 2010 in persOnal Beer brains christmas crustaceans Holidays Justine Lourdes Lumingkit justine lumingkit shells Merry Christmas to Everyone!!! from the most dynamic teetotaller x...

Happy Holidays! ハッピーホリデー
on Dec 23, 2010 in persOnal christmas justine lumingkit Holidays Vacation Happy Holidays Google Translate Before anything else, let me just post old photos from my last vacation in Davao City. (I miss the kids so much ) Christmas in 7 hours and 54 mins. x...

I’m Alive!
on Dec 21, 2010 in persOnal christmas Christmas and holiday season Food Holiday justine lumingkit Manila Opinions Santa Claus Singapore Okay, I’m back! Sorry, and let me explain! For  KNCHS students such as myself, we have 5 more days until the theatric play. This year I promised myself I’d be productive. I brought home a couple of books to read, conditioned my mind that I would...

Hi, can I go home now?
on Dec 20, 2010 in persOnal Cebu Cebu City Cebu Pacific Cebuano language Filipino people Ilonggo Low-cost carrier Manila Philippines South Cotabato Boredom kills. Thank God for internet at whereverIam. I swear, I don’t know how my sister excelled so much with her 2 year BSED. Everytime I get in this classroom, my eyes/brain automatically shut down. Maybe its because I have to get up at REALLY...

Slap me some Christmas Love, Please.
on Dec 18, 2010 in persOnal Bullying Cebu Christmas tree Elementary school Middle school Mindanao Violence and Abuse Youth I can’t help it if I was raised in an environment that made bullying natural to me! I remember banging clear envelopes on the innocent heads of my preschool classmates (male ones at that!), stealing cookies from unsuspecting lunch boxes during grad...

12 more days ’til Christmas!
on Dec 12, 2010 in persOnal christmas justine lumingkit United States BrainChild One-shot (comics) Home Cooking Chocolate Cakes Baking and Confections Balloons Spell Saab Birthday I like plastic balloons, polly pockets, cheap cake and spooky couches. Ok. You got me! I know it’s kinda funny taking pictures with different angles, well, I don’t have anything to fancy with. And I still have so much to learn when it co...

Time for a Change
on Dec 11, 2010 in persOnal Athletic Athletic shoe Business and Economy Clothing Footwear Saucony Shopping So I’m excited. Today, I woke up real early and went to that gig I was talking about. (You know, you woke up early, tuck in your jogging pants and running shoes and try not to faint while doing 5 rounds of jogging). But the best part was when we we...

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