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Site Description: A food photo blog inspired by the frequent pig out sessions by my BF and I.
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The Overnight, No~Cook Refrigerator Rolled Oatmeal Project: Apple Cinnamon & Mango Vanilla
on Apr 10, 2013 in Home Made Breakfast Pig Out Sessions The Overnight No~Cook Refrigerator Rolled Oatmeal Project Oatmeal I love healthy eating, but with the somehow limited choices I imposed on myself I was getting pretty fed up of munching on salads ever so often. I'm really glad I stumbled onto this recipe from The Yummy Life, because I have more healthy breakfast al...

The Salad Project: Kani Mango Salad + Black Bean Salad
on Mar 31, 2013 in Home Made The Salad Project Pig Out Sessions Mexican Food Kani Mango Salad Kani Salad Home Made Salads Black Bean Salad Japanese Food   Me and Japanese cuisine, it's a love story that has been going on and going strong for years, but ever since I have been opting for healthier food choices, it's a given that I can't go on my usual sushi roll *sobs*. I could easily go on a s...

Friday Night Pig Out at Watami
on Mar 17, 2013 in Watami Tonpeiyaki Salmon and Flying Fish Roe in Stone Pot Pig Out Sessions SM Mall of Asia Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant Japanese Food   I was supposed to be blogging about Yabu House of Katsu today, but we were just so tired and grumpy last Friday night that after being in the waiting queue for around half an hour (or more), we gave up our reservation and made a bee line to...

The Salad Project
on Mar 10, 2013 in Healthy Eating Home Made The Salad Project Healthy Lifestyle Pig Out Sessions Salads Home Made Salads I have always loved eating my veggies (except bitter gourd) ever since I was a kid, and it's a good thing I still do, now that I'm an adult. Nowadays, people can easily fall and stick into the bad habit of unhealthy eating. I do know how hard it is t...

A Spoonful of Heaven at Swensen's
on Mar 4, 2013 in Swensen's Pig Out Sessions Crepe Ice Cream Swensen's Philippines Desserts   Strawberry Chocolate Lava  250.00 PHP or around  6.13 USD  Hello world! I feel like I'm feeling a bit lost here. I've been on blogging hiatus since early 2012 and have updated this blog sporadically, with non food related p...

Drunken Garlic Shrimps a la Madz
on Jan 16, 2013 in Garlic Prawns Drunken Shrimps Home Made   Truth be told I miss blogging, terribly. So this is my way of saying a quick hello and yes I'm still alive and kicking post. :) I had been craving for shrimps for quite a few weeks now, and this week I gave in. Instead of using any liquo...

From 71kg To 58kg, Yes It's Possible
on May 24, 2012My sincerest apologies if I don't answer the food tasting invites, press releases, link exchanges and other food blog related emails since 2012 started, I guess my heart is not into food blogging anymore. I still do own this domain, so I think I'll u...

11.02 lbs Lighter
on Feb 18, 2012 in Fruits Healthy Lifestyle General Motors Diet Plan Hello, still remember me? If not then Hi! I'm Madz. I am a food blogger and a real life glutton. Well, was a real life glutton. This past weeks I have been trying to shed excess pounds gained through my unhealthy lifestyle by undergoing General Motor...

The Blogger Is Out
on Jan 14, 2012I don't want to go melodramatic in my food blog, so I won't. This isn't the space for that. Just to let you know that I won't be updating my blog for an indefinite period of time. I'm not sure if I will come back one day but rest assured that I will...

Pig Out Sessions' Favorites For 2011!
on Jan 2, 2012 in Chocolat Pig Out Sessions Office Packed Lunch Favorites Munchers Inc. Wee Nam Kee Persia Grill Dulcinea CCME Homemade Foodstuff Co. Another year has passed and looking back, though I have to admit that there's quite a lot of misses, there's still a handful of hits that regardless of the price, availability and  location, as long as it makes me "elephantly "sufficed, it's a w...

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