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Site Description: There is a stranger on a cliff, high above the shores of his imagining. He lights his cigarettes, and dreams, and writes, and lives. --- Poetry, photography, imaginings, thoughts, stories, and images.
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Invisible Hands
on Mar 9, 2013 in shadow photography for you facebook answers Metaphors weight light Poetry My hands fabricate the perfect fantasy-- Dreams so elaborate, so ornate, that you could almost touch them. In fact, you kind of do.  Or they touch you. But what of the hands, and the eyes or the heart, and his questions? What of wishing you knew...

Tarry, love, tarry
on Feb 21, 2013I'll string together some senseless quip, Each and every time we tarry. With each voiceless line, I'd founder As I wait for line-less voices to come through. Black against white, or white cutout over black. Each line waits for waiting lines, to ask...

Lost in the Wilderness
on Jan 24, 2013Check it out here. Objectionable Content X So Then It Was Poetry + Photography...

In another life.
on Jan 22, 2013I trace every line on your pale skin.  Wallow, and falter at the curves, but constantly lose myself between the lines of sight Between your gaze and mine, as it hits the side of my face, and as it traces the lines between my mind as you tra...

Be Still.
on Jan 8, 2013Be Still my heart, We need not die tonight. The matters are urgent, and light is fading, But aren't all, and is it not always? Be still, my mind, My heart cannot fathom you We try to cope with the storms anew But they prove more resilient. Quiet now...

Voice Box
on Nov 12, 2012A cat has my tongue. A bear has my heart. A fool is at my throat, and I'm trying to build a voice box. It's been quite a while, since I've last spoken the words, and my dictation may be rusty. But suffice it to say, this won't be the last, and certa...

on Oct 16, 2012It stands before heaven. It stands before the world. It stands above elsewhere.                          And we are outside it. Knock.  Knock.  Knock. The wood is hard enough...

on Sep 23, 2012I'd be happy to lose myself in memory. to swim through vast oceans of maybes, and yesterdays. I'd gladly take the plunge and live again, from the other side of the slivery sea. He teases the edge of the shore with his finger, Caressing slowly, so sa...

Wind Rising
on Aug 21, 2012We take wing, and soar into the vast sky. From here to there Wherever there is -- we fly. The cold winds hum, And by its tune, we know and, like clockwork, we leave taking nothing, not even our nests              ...

I know a Place
on Aug 9, 2012I know a place where fireflies meet. In the stillness, beneath the stars, Their fires come alive. And they persist.  They persist. Against the air, as turbid as the ocean After a storm of forty days, and seven-hundred and thirty nights. They pe...

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