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Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) released! (Update)
on Apr 25, 2012 in News The Ubuntu team has recently announced the released Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin. Ubuntu 12.04 supports desktops, laptops and netbooks, it has the updated version of desktop also known as “Unity”, it also introduces the “HUD”...

Ubuntu countdown timer
on Mar 28, 2012 in Apps Uncategorized If you love Ubuntu and can’t live a day without seeing her! then help us spread Ubuntu by adding a countdown timer to your website. All you need to do is copy and paste the code and each day the image will update showing the remaining days befo...

How to hide your name on the panel in Ubuntu 12.04
on Feb 12, 2012 in How To A very easy trick I learned in whick all you need to have is the “dconf-editor”, if you don’t have it yet then hit your terminal and do some installation! $ sudo aptitude install dconf-tools after the installation type “dconf-editor&#...

How set brightness on startup – Ubuntu 12.04
on Jan 1, 2012 in How To 1. Create a file in /etc/init.d/file_name, sudo nano /etc/init.d/file_name 2. Copy and paste the code below and save. setpci -s 00:02.0 F4.B=50 3. Now lets set some permissions. sudo chown 755 /etc/init.d/file_name 4. We want the script to run on boo...

How to report bugs from terminal in Ubuntu
on Dec 28, 2011 in How To Sometimes apport won’t just pop-out to let you file a bug, but you knew that it was really a bug or you have an issue but you don’t have an internet connection or you want to file a bug from another computer. Don’t worry my friend.

Ubuntu 12.04 aka “Precise Pangolin” Developer Week 2012 Announced
on Dec 21, 2011 in News Ubuntu has become the most famous Linux distribution in the world with millions of users in just five years. If you want to get involved yourself join the Ubuntu Developer Week from January 31st to February 2nd 2012! The Ubuntu Developer Week is a se...

Safest way on how to remove old Ubuntu Kernels
on Sep 10, 2011 in How To The safest way on how to remove your old version of Ubuntu Kernels are just 2 easy steps: 1. First thing you should do is to check what kernel version you are currently using. $uname -r remember to save the output, it should look like this “2.6...

How to save a list of all packages and softwares install in Ubuntu.
on Aug 5, 2011 in How To Hello everyone! its nice to be back again. Now ready your fingers and lets get ready to rumble. This simple guide will make a list of all packages that are currently installed on your system and reinstall the packages in the newly installed Ubuntu. K...

Currency converter for your Linux terminal
on Jul 2, 2011 in How To Would you like to have your personalized currency converter in your Linux terminal? will you have it, very simple this one uses the Google Currency Converter. Fire up your terminal and open .bashrc with your favorite editor. $ sudo nano .bashrc Copy...

The Linux Terminator
on May 14, 2011 in Apps How To Multiple GNOME terminals in one window, it is a program that allows users to set up flexible arrangements of GNOME terminals. It is aimed at those who normally arrange lots of terminals near each other, but don’t want to use a frame based windo...

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