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Quirino Grandstand Hostage Situation - Why hasn't anyone been fired?
on Aug 23, 2010 in Rants and Raves It's been a day since the hostage drama at the Quirino Grandstand yesterday, when the sheer incompetence of the Philippine police was seen worldwide. I'm just wondering why no one has been sacked? Even a moron can see that there were blunders, MAJOR...

Quirino Grandstand Hostage Situation - Totally Incompetent Handling
on Aug 22, 2010Like millions of Filipinos, I was glued to the television the whole night tonight watching the hostage taking situation unfold, and increasingly dismayed and irritated at the incompetence I was seeing live. Here's a quick rundown of the situation as...

An Early Dinner at Je Suis Gourmand
on Aug 20, 2010This is the best foie gras I have ever had. The other day, the boyfriend was hungry and craving for some unlimited sashimi. Unfortunately, we were in the Makati area and Zensho and Yakimix were too far away. I suggested going to the Fort. I had seve...

Fire Lake Grill, Cliffhouse, Tagaytay
on Aug 17, 2010For our meal before we were to go back to Manila, we decided to eat at Bawai's. Unfortunately, in my hurry to leave Manila, I was not able to take note of Bawai's location or contact information, and nobody else seemed to know where it was - we asked...

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
on Aug 17, 2010It rained early morning yesterday. It was the perfect day for me - balmy, not sunny; overcast skies, mild sunlight. No, I'm not a vampire. I just don't like sunny days like most people do. I like feeling the energy of a storm, and I particularly...

Gourmet Farms, Tagaytay
on Aug 15, 2010Gourmet is famous as one of the pioneers of healthy eating in this country. I remember the Gourmet cafe in the old Greenbelt when I was still on my first job working in Makati. I've read many blogs posting about Gourmet's farm in Tagaytay and was cur...

Spur of the moment trip to Tagaytay
on Aug 14, 2010All last week I was hankering for a trip to Tagaytay. I wanted to see the farms there and just generally wanted to  travel and explore to make the most of my vacation time, and Tagaytay was accessible enough to make the trip on the spur of the m...

Sonya's Garden, Tagaytay
on Aug 14, 2010This is my second time at Sonya's. The first time I was there, I didn't think it was a good value because I wasn't so much into salads then. This time, however, I totally loved Sonya's! We had their set menu at P610/person. They have a new dining a...

Beef Stew adapted from Wolfgang Puck's Recipe
on Aug 13, 2010This is my second time making this beef stew. This is really, really good, and now my go to recipe for Beef Stew. The recipe I used can be found here. I followed the recipe but made a few changes - I used beef brisket cubes since this was more easily...

Quick Four Cheese Ravioli
on Aug 11, 2010Some days you would just like a good meal on the table with minimal effort. Maybe you only have 30 minutes before mealtime. I'm glad I discovered this Frozen Four Cheese Ravioli pack at S&R. Haha, I know it sounds like an advertisement, it's not.

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