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Wooden iPad Stand boosts iPad volume!
on Sep 15, 2010 in Boost Stand iPad Wood Apple speakers Dock Wooden accessories like native keychains, ashtrays, lamp, tables, figurines are pretty popular in the Philippines. Carrol Wilhelm probably got this idea to design a Wooden iPad Stand. But his design is not just a wooden stand/dock, it boosts the volu...

Bring the house down with Logitech's new netbook clip-on speakers!
on Sep 9, 2010 in Notebook Z515 Netbook Z305 clip on Logitech Laptop surround speakers With netbooks sold in a really low price, manufacturers didn't care to bundle netbooks with good quality speakers. And besides, netbooks aren't meant to be transformed into a portable movie home theater. But who say's it's not possible? Introducing,...

Open bottled drinks with your iPhone!
on Sep 5, 2010 in case bottle beer Interesting functional key chain alcoholic iBottleopener Cool iPhone Case opener handy Cool No bottle opener? Instead of using your teeth, why not open bottled beverage in style by using the new iBottleopener case for iPhone!  The iBottleopener case protects your iPhone from scratches and dirt, and at the same time, serves as a functio...

Play Nintendo Wii games using Nike Air Maxes?
on Sep 1, 2010 in Video Game Wii Fit Air Max Balance Board Gaming Nintendo Wii Mod Wiimote Nike Shoes Console What made Nintendo's Wii so popular is because of its unique "Wiimote" game controllers. Unlike traditional video game controllers that has a d-pad, and buttons as your game controls, Wiimotes uses motion sensor that allows users to interact and cont...

China's iPed Tablet, the ultimate "iPad clone"
on Aug 31, 2010 in Greenhills aPad Clone iPad China Android Google Apple iPed Virramall China "clone" phones have been quite popular here in the Philippines. Besides cloning a phone model's design, China phone manufacturers have managed to add certain features that are not offered by the originals. As we all know, China "clone" phones a...

Featuring: Custom made R2-D2 PC case modification
on Aug 30, 2010 in Desktop Frenki Janse Mod PC Case Star Wars R2-D2 In my previous post, we've seen R2-D2 in mobile phones, specifically the Motorola Droid 2. R2-D2 is back! A life-size Astromech droid from the famous Star Wars series, as your PC case! How cool is that! (At least for us nerds)  The R2-D2 PC case...

Tapi: Easily drink or rinse your mouth straight from your tap, without using your hands!
on Aug 27, 2010 in Teeth Tap Interesting Faucet Tapi Invention Idea Dreamfarm New Toothbrush Brush Cool A lot of people uses their hands to rinse their mouth when brushing their teeth. It's kind of hard for tall people to bend over especially if it's the type used for washing hands. So I guess, the designer/inventor (probably stands 7 feet tall, and...

47-in touchscreen vending machines with embedded cameras!
on Aug 26, 2010 in Touch screen Browsing History Camera Gadgets Ads Stereotype Vending Machine Japan History Embedded Panel Advertisement 47-in touchscreen panel installed on vending machines!? With cameras?  What for!? All the user has to do is push a button representing the item he/she wishes to purchase and that's it! So again, what for? Well, as we all know, Japan is one of th...

Sony Ericsson concept phone: A new breed of mobile phone form-factor
on Aug 24, 2010 in Swivel Touch screen Bar Concept Phone Clam shell FH Design Cool Innovation Slate Nokia Slider F-H Mobile Dual Screen Sony Ericsson Form Factor Flip Mobile phones have 5 basic form-factors: Bar or "candybar", Slate or "touch screen", Flip or "clamshell", Slider, and Swivel.  Using these basic form-factors, a lot of phone manufacturers have mixed and matched possibilities of combining two or...

Introducing, Samsung's Android "iPod Touch Killer"
on Aug 18, 2010 in Music Samsung iPod Microsoft Media PMP AMOLED Zune Audio iPod Touch Zen Video Mp3 Galaxy Creative Players When it comes to digital audio players, Apple has pummeled every single one in the market with their iPod series. The iPod has gained its reputation and position as the most popular portable music device. Here in the Philippines, media players, in ge...

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