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Site Description: Lalalakatrina is a photoblog run by a 21-year-old photography afficionado from Iloilo, Philippines. Katrina Escalona or known to the internet as curiouskatrina documents the highlights of her life for the year 2010 in a weekly basis on her photodiary.
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Tags: curiouskatrina, photoblog, photography, cosplay, cute

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Electric Masskara!
on Oct 18, 2011 in personal people Jaunts cosplay Hitsuzen Bacolod Masskara Electric Masskara is a part of Bacolod's annual festival where dancers are donned in anything flashy and catchy. This year, it highlighted the closing of Lacson Street aka Bacolod's commercial strip for merry making. But before heading the the event,...

Lost Photographs + Free PSD's
on Oct 15, 2011 in freebies Few more photos from my collaboration with Jenny Sevila and Yaniee Andig. My blog is now filled with Yaniee's [beautiful] face!!! :D Also, here are the free PSD's as promised: LEFT: download hereCENTER: download hereRIGHT: download here...

Love You Like a Love Song, Baby!
on Sep 24, 2011 in yaniee people Few more photos from my shoot with my model friend, Yaniee, and balikbayan, Jenny. I felt in love with Selena G's new song and I was basically listening to it on loop while editing the photos. Went a little playful here. so this is an attack of textu...

Happy Birthday to Me!
on Sep 20, 2011 in personal curiouskatrina I just turned 23 last Saturday!!! Yes I'm that old! People would still think I'm 15 or worse, 12 but that's a good thing than be perceived being older than your actual age :) Jenny and Yaniee took these photos during our mini photoshoot. I asked them...

The Beautiful Art of Procrastination
on Sep 12, 2011 in yaniee curiouskatrina procrastinate people Jenny Sevilla Iloilo My dear friend Jenny was home for a week from the UK so we scheduled a mini shoot with Yaniee! These are all whimsical ideas and I'm so glad that we've done around three sets that day! This is an ode to those who live to procrastinate. If you can fin...

App Review: WeicoGIF
on Sep 9, 2011 in app store app review gif weicoGIF ipod touch 4th generation review   While browsing for new photography apps this afternoon, I got curious with WeicoGIF. The descriptions were in Chinese characters and I had a few Chinese photography apps before that were really, really good so I tried it. Also, it was for f...

on Sep 8, 2011 in personal random Shih Tzu pets Freeeee day! Spent it watching movies with the boyfriend :) He and his brother went out to run errands and I was watching Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen went they were back. Surprisingly, they joined me until the movie was finished. oh hello, y...

on Sep 4, 2011 in personal wales pets I hate this day. Prioritized things that I shouldn't be bothering and I had to postpone a shoot for the 3rd time :| Not sure if this is because I'm getting anxious with my IV Therapy completion duty this Wednesday (will prick veins the whole day) or...

on Aug 13, 2011 in Sia Jaunts airport family Bacolod City Silay City I love going to airports, especially that in both Iloilo and Bacolod, they are built away from the city. This weekend we sent my boyfriend's parents as they went off to Manila, then later in the evening to London. It was a gloomy yet beautiful aftern...

Oh Hello, Canada!
on Aug 2, 2011 in Canada travel Jaunts    Mom and Peter went to Canada last month to pay my aunts and cousins a visit and to see the place as well. Mom sent me their photos and I was melting in jealousy when I was viewing each in full screen. I wish I was there in the photos, in...

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