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Site Description: This blog is about being happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. To promote health, business and overall Wellness. In all areas of our lives. This is what interests me and I hope this interests you too.
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on Oct 5, 2010Get eight hours of sleep: sleep is so important!  They don't call it beauty sleep for nothing.  Most of the healing , repairing and rejuvenation happens during sleep.  So sleep 8 hours before you have to wake up to start your day. Eat...

A Business Opportunity is available south of the boarder: Mexico!!!
on Sep 20, 2010As of September 20, 2010, it will be about 124 days until Mannatech opens for business in Mexico.  The citizens of Mexico I am sure will be thrilled to have a company like Mannatech be part of their environment.For those of you who is unfamiliar...

A Story of Discovery by Dr. Bill McAnalley on Aloe, Glyconutrients and Ambrotose
on Sep 16, 2010The video above is titled "A Story of Discovery."  It is Dr. Bill McAnalley's story on how he found the active ingredient in Aloe  and how he later on developed Ambrotose, Mannatech's glyconutrional supplement.If you browse this blog, you'l...

FAQ: Can I afford Supplementation?
on Sep 11, 2010Affordability is one of the biggest issues I come across in the field.  I am an active Mannatech Associate and I pretty much tell people about Mannatech and why I believe the company and their health products are really good.  It's importan...

I Think Dreams Should Come True. Only The Good Ones Of Course!
on Aug 1, 2010I had an awesome dream last night. I was driving a brand new White R8 just like the one here... It was super dooper awesome. Another dude in my dream had a yellow one, but the one I had was of course much cooler. It was my dream! Then I woke up.Dang,...

The Baby Boomers are Exploding Around the World & This is a Good Thing!
on Aug 1, 2010Mega Trend #2 is that there is a Baby Boomer Explosion and they are all retiring if not already retired.  They have the money and means to pay for dietary supplements, weight management products and the best skin care money can buy.  They h...

The Wellness Industry is here and growing. Your success can be in Wellness.
on Jul 26, 2010Mega Trend #1 is the Wellness Revolution.  Yes, it’s real and it’s here.  Look at some statistics about this industry.  The Global Dietary Supplement Market is $77 Billion in Revenue and growing by 5% each year.  This is fuele...

You Can Still Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle Even Though You Just Ate Fast Food
on Jul 25, 2010Every day, about a quarter of Americans eat fast food.  However, I wonder what the statistics are for other countries.  I am currently here in the Philippines and it is fast food galore here as well.  The fast foods in the Philippines...

Health Care is too ineffective, too toxic and too expensive!
on Jul 25, 2010Our current healthcare philosophy is really flawed. On top of that, all the debate is focused on the wrong direction. Prevention should be the focus.Prevention is taking a proactive approach to your own health like proper diet, exercise and good sup...

Word of Mouth is Still the Best & Most Effective!
on Jul 20, 2010Nothing is more powerful that word of mouth.  It is so powerful when someone says something sucks.  I was so excited to watch The Last Airbender, but my cousin said that people were so disappointed that people was walking out of the theatre...

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