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Site Description: This is my second serious blog, basically the same as my previous one. I just migrated to a different server because it's generally inaccessible most of the time.
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The Windows 8 Alphabet
on Jan 23, 2013 in Computing Software Websites bing opera puzzles random Start windows Windows 8 I was playing around with the Start Menu the other day when I suddenly remembered this puzzle I made last year. Having amassed a number of programs over the last few months, I was pleasantly surprised when I found out … Continue reading →...

Game Review: Angry Birds Star Wars
on Jan 12, 2013 in Computing Software games Windows 8 To be honest, I’m already getting burned out with Angry Birds. Granted, I would still fire away the original game on a rest day and before long, I would have realized I have burned away hours into the game, painstakingly … Continue reading &#...

A New Year’s Resolve
on Jan 5, 2013 in Personal anecdote random It all started with a Facebook note. Many people do not realize the value of setting up New Year’s Resolutions, and I suspect this is probably because they usually just end up being unable to attain the goal or breaking … Continue reading ...

New Entry
on Dec 17, 2012 in Opinion Personal Hobbies anecdote books random Last week, I blogged about my library and I wasn’t planning to add some books before the year ends. I broke my own rules, apparently. I was hanging out in the mall last week (I’m not planning to buy anything … Continue reading →...

Bing Desktop 1.1 is Now Available
on Dec 12, 2012 in Computing Download Freeware Software Websites bing win7 windows Windows 8 Back in July, I mentioned a program that allows you to set and download Bing backgrounds as your wallpaper. That program is Bing Desktop, and three days ago, a new version is available. I first noticed it yesterday, when it … Continue reading &...

Built-in Start Button Alternatives for Windows 8
on Dec 8, 2012 in Computing Software Start button tips tricks tweak win7 windows Windows 8 One of the biggest shock in Windows 8 is the disappearance of the Start Button, which has been an integral component of Windows since Windows 95. It was my biggest struggle with the OS ever since the Consumer Preview, because … Continue reading...

How to Install Pinoy Apps on Windows 8
on Dec 5, 2012 in Computing Download Freeware Software apps howtos install tips tricks windows Windows 8 For the record, there are a number of local apps available on the Windows 8 app store. listed down some of these apps, and boy, they sure are useful. These include SM Cinema, ABS-CBN, MMDA, Globe, and others. … Co...

Random Geekery: My Library
on Dec 4, 2012 in Hobbies Personal Software anecdote books office random “How many books do you have?” My mom asked me this question last week when we’re moving my things from my room before its renovation. I could have just responded by saying something like a guess-timate and be done with … Continue reading...

How to Enable Flash on Metro IE
on Nov 7, 2012 in Computing Websites browser howtos ie tips windows Windows 8 Source: XDA-Developers It was originally intended for Flash to be disabled in Metro IE. Unfortunately, the decision garnered some unfavorable responses from affected parties, so as a work-around to this, Microsoft implemented a Flash whitelist, allow...

8 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 8
on Nov 6, 2012 in Computing Lists Software browser ie list windows Windows 8 Just in case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new version of Windows out there, launched last Oct-26. I’ve been feverishly following the progress of Windows 8 since the previews came out and honestly, I started off without even the least …...

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