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Site Description: To assist Jejebusters in their fight for eliminating Jeje-prints, the JejeDEX was carefully planned, lol.
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Pacquiao Defeats Margarito by Unanimous Decision: Watch Pacquiao-Margarito Fight Online Live Streaming Free
on Nov 13, 2010 in Pacquiao Vs Margarito fight HOTTEST UPDATES: View the series of rounds in video uploads HERE. Or, you may type Pacquiao-Margarito Fight Round "insert round number" in Youtube search tab. Apologies for unclear, inconvenient shots. The series of videos will be made availably comp...

Jejemons and Jejebusters: Watch Pacquiao-Margarito Fight Online Live Stream Free
on Nov 13, 2010 in Margarito vs Pacquiao Pacquiao-Margarito Online Pacquiao Vs Margarito fight Watch Pacquiao-Margarito Live Free Watch Pacquaio Vs Margarito Pacquiao-Margarito Free Streaming Jejemons and Jejebusters, Pacquiao's gonna unite us all in this new chapter of his boxing career! This is it! Pacquiao vs Margarito fight na! Go Pambansang Kamao! Do you want to know how to watch Pacquiao vs Margarito live online? I've got a lot...

Jejemon August Rush
on Aug 28, 2010 in JejeDEX Blog JejeDEX Today is August 30, 2010 and this post is Jejedex Blog's first and probably my last Jeje post for the month of August. This entry is somewhat like a thank you message to all the internet users who made this small blog site of mine a success. I am dee...

Attacked by Jejemons
on Jul 24, 2010 in JejeDEX Blog Jeje Blog JejeDEX Anti-Jejemon I'm Leigh, the owner and blogger of this blog. Recently, the site was attacked by Jejemons who really bombed one of my blog posts with Jeje-ish comments. I didn't realize that the extent of society's discrimination or criticism of Jejemons led to a g...

Jejemons, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
on Jun 28, 2010 in Who Wants to be a Millionaire Jejemon Jejenese Many spoofs of international television programs and media outputs inclined towards the Jejemon phenomenon have been circulating online. To be particular, the Jejemon cyber text language has been thoroughly discussed in various public programs like S...

Jejemon History: How It All Began
on Jun 21, 2010 in Jejemon Jologs JejeDEX Jejenese Several years ago, a lot of the youth joined text messaging clans while others played online MMORPG games like Ragnarok, Flyff, and Gunbound. Some, with the urge to find and get to know people of all ages online, joined in social networks like Friend...

On Conventions, Jejebusters
on Jun 20, 2010 in Jejetyping Jejemon Jejebusters Jejemonism The campaign of Jejemons for social acceptance has been one of the main issues being discussed within the Filipino community. For Jejemons, they only want to live normally, that is, their lives not being dictated by what is  conventional. To tac...

Jejemon, Talk of the Town
on Jun 15, 2010 in Jejemon JejeDEX Jejemonism Social debates continue to heat up as the government wears its battle gear in trying to diminish the spread of Jejemonism in the sub-dominantly English-speaking country. However, the Catholic Church interferes, explaining that Jejemonism is a form of...

Featured Video: Jejemon on Saksi
on Jun 12, 2010 in Jejemon on Saksi Jejemon Source: williamdlc3...

Jejemon Status Quo: How They Live Today
on Jun 5, 2010 in Bebemon Jejemon World Jejeworld Jejemon Society Jejemon Living Jejemon JejeDEX Jejebusters Jejemon Blog Anti-Jejemon After lighting up a massive outrage from different sectors of the Philippine society, it seems like the Jejemons are now capable of living peacefully with their Jejebuster counterparts in the barrios, barangays, towns, and cities in the Philippines.

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