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Plan Your Actions Towards Your Goals
on Jan 4, 2013 in Self Help Goal Setting Have you set your goals for this year? You probably started the year with a lot of motivation and optimism, but have you set your action plan? Most of us are good in planning but fail to execute, and I believe that is because we have not set an actio...

Prove It All The Time
on Sep 1, 2012 in Self Help Bible Proving Jesus When I was in my early years as a Software Engineer, I always bragged in my own mind how I have already proven myself and proven my worth to the company I work for. At one point in my life, I became overly depressed about how my boss doesn't see...

BDO ATM Machine Says : Your Card Has Been Reported Lost/Stolen
on Jul 16, 2012One sunny afternoon I tried to withdraw money from a BDO ATM machine using a BDO ATM card. To my surprise, the machine rejected my card and spitted out a receipt that says Your Card Has Been Reported Lost/Stolen. Read more »...

Are Company Outings Profitable?
on Jun 27, 2012 in Team Building Business Human Resources Company Outings HR Summer is almost ending here in the Philippines and some companies have enjoyed their company outings going to different places and doing stuff they've never done before. A company outing might seem like just another expense for the company, with...

The Idea Of Being Selfless
on Jun 6, 2012 in Self Help Bible Selfless Captain America Do you know the idea of being selfless? Perhaps you've seen Spider-Man, Superman, with the exception of Ironman and The Hulk perhaps... Those super heroes who selflessly act to save others, putting the interest of others before themselves. Read...

Money and Marriage Tips
on May 1, 2012 in Stephen Covey Marriage Financial Tips Personal Finance Couples Money is a relatively easy matter to discuss. However, factor-in human emotions and everything goes into a blur. The conflict between money and human emotions comes from the fundamental fact that life is not only about making logical decisions, but a...

How To Be The Greatest In Anything
on Feb 11, 2012 in Self Help Bible Serving Jesus Harry S Truman Excellence It's common notion that the best people in the world are those with great talent, and are served by many. To be perceived as the greatest person in your line of work, you got to have the biggest salary, be the boss and all that... To be the best...

Productive Pinoy Book Review
on Dec 20, 2011 in Yeng Remulla Book Review Productive Pinoy Productive Pinoy is 157 (more or less) page book written by Mr, Yeng Remulla. It's thin, so I could always carry it around wherever I go. I always bring it with me, at least during the times before I wrote this book review. Read more »...

The Commonalities Of Time And Life
on Nov 18, 2011 in Self Help Time Management Isn't life a big mystery? And isn't time one of life's big mystery? Time and Life are coupled with each other and no matter what we do, it will always stay that way. Read more »...

6 Chinese Proverbs That Could Improve Your Life
on Aug 24, 2011 in Motivational Quotes Chinese Proverbs We paid a visit to the Chinese Garden at Luneta near our national hero, Jose Rizal's monument. It was almost evening and it was raining, there's hardly anything good to see or take pictures of. However, once we sat on a corridor to take shelt...

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