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Disable Synaptics Popup Video
on Dec 25, 2012There's this annoying popup video when using a Synaptics driver. It's titled SynNoButtons.wmv. Deleting the video creates other problems, but here is a more proper way to disable it. On the task bar, there is a trackpad icon. Click this, then select...

Torrent Over Multiple Connections Through XP Mode
on Nov 26, 2012I will try to keep this as simple as possible, though it requires some technical skill. This guide assumes that you have XP Mode fully setup and you have two network adapters (whether wireless or not). I will call the virtual PCs VMn. 1. Duplicate y...

Portal Inspired Hansel Crackers Ad
on Oct 4, 2012I was surprised when I saw this today. It's an advertisement for cookies with Portal elements.

How I Met Your Mother in One Minute
on Sep 29, 2012Hear Barney summarize the series in less than a minute.

Son Changes Toy Story 3 Ending as a Prank
on Sep 23, 2012Someone thought it would be a good prank to edit Toy Story 3's ending to the incinerator scene. The movie blacks out right before they get saved by "the claw". He then traumatizes his family (especially his mom) by letting them watch the movie with t...

Skydrivers Draw Digits of Pi in the Sky
on Sep 20, 2012The San Francisco bay sky was filled with the first thousand digits of pi. This was the work of an artist named ishky with the help of five skydivers. The team created a skywriting 150 miles long whose viewers of the only had moments to see. See th...

Seagull Steals Video Camera in San Francisco Bay
on Sep 16, 2012Nathalie Rollandin was taking a video of the San Francisco bay sunset. To her surprise, a seagull takes her GoPro camera, probably mistaking it for a piece of food. Not only did the 26 year old French tourist get the camera back in one piece, it al...

Change Black Mesa Resolution
on Sep 14, 2012So I just finished downloading Black Mesa. When I launched it, it was at an ugly resolution of 1024x768. My screen's native resolution is 1366x768. It was clipping the sides! I fiddled with the settings, and found out that you have to change the Asp...

Apple iPhone 5 Event
on Sep 11, 2012(updated live, refresh for latest info!, images from Ars) 10:50 I guess the event ends here. I'll post summaries later :) 10:42 the Foo Fighters perform 10:40 Tim Cook is wrapping up 10:39 "The best iPods we've ever done" 10:38 prices: shuffle $...

Edward and Bella, Bad Lip Reading of Twilight
on Sep 11, 2012"Dude, you slapped a fish! You punch it, why would you hit it?"...

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