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on Nov 27, 2012If I were to go back to all those stuff I worried about in my youth, I'd be laughing instead of worrying. Because I know that there are far more important things that actually matter in the long run. If I were to go back to all those opportunities I...

Where's mah money?
on Nov 25, 2012So last week I tried for the first time to issue a cheque to myself. Long story why. Anyway it turned out that my account had been marked as dormant. Apparently banks like to keep your money but not so much. If they find out the account is no longer...

Gregorian My Ass
on Nov 21, 2012Gregorian Chant albums have the most misleading covers. Whereas you'd be expecting a hard-rocking epic doom choir to herald the Ghost of Christmas Post-Apocalyptic Future from the illustration, you'll actually get 50 minutes of men singing in falsett...

Rufo's Famous Tapa Vito Cruz Delivery Number
on Nov 16, 20125220936 You're welcome.

E-Abandonment Issues
on Nov 15, 2012Why are people so upset when their phones have new models released in the market "too soon"? Um, hello, sir. Your phone won't stop working suddenly when it realizes it's not the newest bitching product around. If that were the case, we'd probably be...

Working and Commuting in McKinley Hill (Part 2)
on Nov 13, 2012It's been a year and a half since I last wrote about McKinley Hill. If you don't really have enough time to read back or even read this column, the bottomline is still it still sucks wide-open, gaping ass. Here are some of the new updates:1. There ar...

You're No Better
on Nov 11, 2012Okay, let's get this out of the way. Senator Tito Sotto sucks bigtime. There's not much debate there. He lies to the public, meanders during tax-paid hours, and  steals in the form of plagiarism and God knows what else. His mustache doesn't help...

Resident Evil 6 : No Main Menu?
on Oct 31, 2012Just an informative post. Normal posts will resume next week.So I finally got around to play Resident Evil 6 last night. I was planning on playing it with my girlfriend but since she was still cooking dinner, I decided to just dick around with the ma...

MRT Fare Hike Prevention
on Oct 24, 2012Magtataas na daw ng pasahe sa MRT next year. Good news, mababawasan ang laman ng mga tren. Bad news, mababawasan din ang laman ng wallet. Dahil sa maraming maapektuhan, sinabi ni Rep. Teddy CasiƱo na baka may iba pang mga paraan para hindi na kai...

Sarcasm, Irony, Condescending
on Oct 8, 2012Hi guys. Before the internet totally kills off what little literal value these words have, I'd like to put out a public service reminder to jackasses who think these three words are interchangeably usable on any funny situation, joke, or picture.&nbs...

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