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Shrimp in coconut cream
on Jul 20, 2012I shall but be a shrimp of an author.                         ~Thomas GrayShrimp in coconut creamNothing reminds me more of my lola than shrimp. It was she who taught me the nuances of...

Rich and Joyful
on Jul 17, 2012The Chinese often give names of characteristics or ideals, perhaps in the hope (that's another good Chinese name) that the characteristics spelled out in it will be reflected by the person or place so named.  So, immediately upon learning that t...

on Jul 1, 2012The term “turo-turo” refers to an eatery where one needs only to point to the displayed food items to place an order. One therefore dispenses with a menu and makes things far simpler. The root word, of course, is “turo” meaning to point with...

Trek through dessert
on Jun 22, 2012Seize the moment. Remember all those womenon the Titanic who waived the dessert cart.                                     ~Erma BombeckNo matter if the mea...

Turo-turo series: Maginhawa pa rin
on Jun 20, 2012Diliman is where UP is, and therefore remains one of my favorite places. It has given rise to interesting eateries catering to students -- something which we must explore soon. However, there is also another area, exiting UP from the Stud Farm, in Ma...

Rice Magick
on Jun 18, 2012Filipinos have many words for rice indicating its importance. The words described the various stages of rice when uncooked such as palay (unhusked rice grains), binayo (shelled rice grains) and bigas (uncooked rice grains) or when cooked, such as kan...

Delivery special
on Jun 17, 2012One of the best ways to enjoy food is at home. One saves on laundry bills, gas, make-up (for those who wear them) wear and tear...And since nearly every thing can be delivered nowadays, in means that preserve freshness, heat (or cold) and form are gu...

on Jun 15, 2012I can see you, in my mind's eye, seated with your back to the window, reading your newspaper. Caffeine and cig on the coffee table beside you. We were morning persons. I still am. I would be up at 5am and always I would find you in the front room, th...

Northerning in Diliman: turo-turo #1
on Jun 15, 2012Ilocos Sur is known for its heritage sites, less for its beaches, which though rocky, are immensely attractive to those who want to avoid crowds.It also has its share of edible delights: empanada, bagnet, pinakbet, bibinka... What is laudable about V...

Point and Shoot: The Turo Turo Series Begins!
on Jun 13, 2012I have, at some point or another in the course of writing on food, threatened to do a series on eateries -- as we fondly Anglicize the term. They're pretty ubiquitous. Every city has them, wherever one finds jeepney rest stops or near bus stations or...

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