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Site Description: A forum-based alternative blog. Notoriety will never again go unnoticed. May it be in Philippine politics, sports, showbiz or everyday inanities, those misdemeanors will be flayed and lambasted to bits. Cos nothin'... I repeat... nothin' escapes
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Just Migrated!
on Jun 12, 2008To visit the new site, you need to click HERE.

Going Loco Over Coco
on Jun 11, 2008 in coco martin celebrities film As much as the brouhaha over the entry of a Philippine film into Cannes this year, what's intriguing everyone is the alleged full frontal of indie movie boy toy Coco Martin in Brillante Mendoza's "Serbis". Allegedly, the manager is su

Victor Basa Scandal?
on Jun 10, 2008[Coverboy Uncovered!]ABS-CBN's coverboy is caught literally "uncovered" in a new scandal video that is now circulating all over the Internet. The video is just 3 to 4 seconds long but you can really clearly see the resemblance of Victor an

World Cup Hottie #06
on Jul 1, 2006He's the IT boy of the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, his pictures are just everywhere. Everybody agrees that he is indeed in every World Cup hottie list. Definitely one of the hottest and the brightest young talents in wor

World Cup Hottie #05
on Jun 30, 2006Bend it Like Beckham! As they say, he is "the Queen Mother" of all World Cup hotties. I would not dare argue.Look at those curves! Painted nails? Not only is he a sports icon, but he is the paragon of metrosexuality.

World Cup Hottie #04
on Jun 26, 2006Japan may be a dark horse in the World Cup rounds, but there is one Asian hottie from their league who's definitely winning the hearts of many. He is Fukunushi Takashi, a defensive midfielder who has proved his worth since 2002 World Cup. Takashi is.

World Cup Hottie #01
on Jun 26, 2006Many Pinoys are hooked with the World Cup 2006, not because we have good soccer players (who am I kidding?), but because there is quite a number of cute guys there. Let's have specimen#1:His name is Andriy Shevchenko. After Ukraine entered the Round.

World Cup Hottie #02
on Jun 26, 2006Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo's pictures are all over but there is another Portuguese striker who's striking looks win the cheers of the girls and pa-girls. He is Nuno Gomes, one long-haired hottie with golden skin, doe-brown eyes and nice lips.

World Cup Hottie #03
on Jun 26, 2006One of the World Cup Defending Champ's key players, Kaka is definitely not only a player with looks. Kaka scored the goal against Croatia leading the Brazilians 1-0 victory that preserved their record eight-straight winning streak at the World Cup 20

And Google sez....2
on Jun 25, 2006Another feature of the Google Trends is that you can do combined search. I tried to compare which is more popular, Friendster or Myspace? And again, the Philippines occupied the top slot and obviously Friendster is waaay more searched than Myspace. I...

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