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on Dec 22, 2012I am testing the best blogger app. This is a swimming pool. This post was made using BlogIt app.

on Dec 21, 2012Blah blahBoo in booo...

Why did I stop blogging for a long while?
on Dec 15, 2012It occurred to me to check my blog again, and I have just noticed that it had been more than a year since my last post in 2011 and my more recent one in July of this year. Definitely, a lot has happened in between. Perhaps the highlight of the previo...

It's been so long!
on Jul 21, 2012Thanks to the blog, "Solo Date Nights", my interest in blogging has been rekindled as I was forced to log in to my Blogger account to make a comment. Since my last post in February 2011, a lot have definitely transpired--places I've been, people I me...

I Super Love Weekends!
on Feb 5, 2011Who does not love weekends? After 5 days of toiling in the office - finishing projects, meeting co-workers, and replying to endless e-mails - diligent employees like us truly deserve a break! So my super friend, Nescy and I, always see to it that we...

being idle is unhealthy
on Sep 10, 2010...

could this be the end of my drinking career?
on May 19, 2010Last February, my dermatologist has prescribed me Isotretinoin for my skin problem. I took it for 6 months, once a day. Since this drug is very potent, I was advised not to get pregnant since this is teratogenic (as if this is applicable!), reduce my...

if i were a boy...
on Feb 2, 2010I've seen a lot of pretty girls today and it made me realize how fortunate it is to be a man. The world is just full of nice and gorgeous women that a man can only take his pick who to approach. With good sense of humor and wit, I bet any guy can alr...

hair in manila contest: win kerastase minis!
on Jan 3, 2010One of my greatest frustrations is my hair. It has been unruly ever since it began to "mutate" from stick straight to wavy back when I was in Grade 3. As the years went by, it has become curlier and frizzier that some rude classmates were even callin...

not really a beer fan
on Dec 31, 2009Although beer is a staple in many get-togethers that I attend, sad to say, I am not a huge fan. There are plenty of reasons that I can think of:• Beer makes me feel bloated and gassy. • It takes time to finish a bottle of beer. Hard drinks, on th...

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