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It's March, and the Philippines also graduates
on Mar 26, 2013Did you ever ask why graduation programs are also called commencement exercises. I guess it reflects the dual nature of the event. On one side it is the end of something while at the same time the beginning or the commencement of a new chapter in a s...

Welcome 2013
on Jan 2, 2013To kick off 2013 on a positive note, I would like to share a video from Francisco Reyes entitled, "The Philippines Moves Forward". Enjoy watching and happy investing!

how would Batman invest?
on Dec 26, 2012My favorite superhero would have to be Batman. Not only because he is amazingly wealthy as Bruce Wayne, he seems to be always 2 steps ahead of his opponents. I write this post because the year is about to end and we are about to enter a new year. A f...

Investing in agribusiness
on Oct 23, 2012Renowned investor Jim Rogers was quoted saying that farmers will soon be driving Lamborghinis and that high school students now should seriously consider a career in agriculture. I don't know about the Lamborghini part but he does have a point. With...

How wealthy are you compared to the rest of the world?
on Oct 10, 2012Ever wondered how you compare to the rest of the world in terms of wealth? Here it is in terms of net worth (that is total assets minus total liabilities): 1% have a net worth of US$710,000 10% have a net worth of US$71,000 50% have a  net wort...

If MVP divests from the country, I will do the same
on Oct 4, 2012  Last month, there was an interesting news article about MVP or Manuel V. Pangilinan venting his frustration on being dragged into certain controversies being played out by our "honourable" politicians. He must have been really pissed off to th...

Interesting results from the Consumer finance Survey
on Aug 6, 2012Here are some interesting results from the recent Consumer Finance Survey by the Bangko Sentral (Philippine Central Bank): The Philippines has a young population. The age distribution of household members showed that 21.5 percent were 5-14 years ol...

Is there such a thing as overdiversification?
on Aug 5, 2012Most personal financial advice recommend that investors diversify. I agree; but come to think of it, is there a point where your investments become too diverse without any real benefits? For instance, there was a study that showed owning more than 20...

do not invest in Philippine pre-selling condos
on Jul 30, 2012I would rather shoot myself in the head than invest in pre-selling condos in the Philippines. My brother and I were interested on getting a condo unit not really as an investment but as a vacation home. However, when I read a contract to sell from on...

from little things, big things grow
on Jul 29, 2012Most of us know this is true with investing but it takes discipline and a lot of patience to see this through. From little things, big things grow.  As investors, we need to realize that small amounts do matter and nothing should go to waste. We...

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