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Site Description: An aspiring communication specialist, Arvin Razon chronicles his thoughts and insights about new media and its impact to the booming communication industry in the Philippines.
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Tags: organizational communication, communication, UP Manila, Philippines, orcom

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PIPA, SOPA, and what they mean for the future of the Internet
on Jan 21, 2012 in Uncategorized Two pieces of legislation are currently making its way in the US House of Representatives and the Senate. The Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, and the Personal Information Protection Act, or PIPA, will potentially change the way users exchange and fa...

Pottermore to continue the legacy of Harry Potter?
on Jul 18, 2011 in Social Media at Work Harry potter pottermore The release of last Harry Potter movie was, for many people, the end of a 10-year journey that started with the first Harry Potter movie. Its worldwide screening was a milestone in itself–breaking record sales, spawning thousands of joyful and...

Google Shuts Down Google Health and PowerMeter
on Jun 26, 2011 in A Quick Guide to New Media energy consumption Google Google Health health PowerMeter social networking Google has decided to pull the plug on its two products, Google Health and Google PowerMeter. When Google Health was announced, its goal was to consolidate people’s personal health information and allow them to integrate it with other health dom...

iMessage in iOS 5: The End of Paid SMS?
on Jun 7, 2011 in A Quick Guide to New Media Apple iMessage iOS iPad iPhone iPod Notification Center Apple recently announced the release of the iOS at WWDC. Touted as the most advanced mobile operating system, the iOS 5 has more than 200 new features. From brand new features like the Notification Center and the iMessage to updated ones like the Saf...

Did you miss the Billboard Awards?
on May 22, 2011 in Social Media at Work social media billboard justin bieber britney spears rihanna billboard twitter billboard facebook There’s no use crying over spilled milk. If you missed the Billboard Awards for whatever reason (such as you falling asleep or being totally ignorant that there’s such a thing as the Billboard Awards!), Billboard wants to assure that yo...

Facebook Spams and Scams, and What You Can Do About It
on May 16, 2011 in Social Media at Work facebook spam facebook spam facebook apps social networking Like most evils in the world, Facebook spam exists because we allow it to. Although Facebook’s taking spam-generating accounts and posts seriously, you have to be responsible as well and stop being an accidental agent of Facebook spam. Believe...

News Sites Get their Traffic from Google, Facebook
on May 8, 2011 in A Quick Guide to New Media CNN facebook Google internet news sites Nielsen the huffington post traffic Have you ever wondered where news sites get their traffic from? It’s no big secret that journalism has taken a radical turn with the dawn of digital news. Until recently though, the statistics on how news sites are gaining readership compared t...

Armis in Geometry Class
on Jan 29, 2011 in Uncategorized armis chess geometry skill strategy Everytime Roger takes the bus to school, he keeps an eye out for exciting things that are happening. This day was no exception. On his way to Geometry class, he saw an old friend of his, Anthony. “Hey, Anthony,” he said in a way that he usually d...

Armis takes over Kipp Academy
on Jan 29, 2011 in Uncategorized As Roger exited the Kipp Academy school bus, he felt something exciting and new was in store for him today. It was on his way to his advanced Geometry class that he saw an old friend. “Hey Anthony,” Roger called out. “Hey dude … ” Anthony a...

Father and Son Bond Over Armis
on Jan 21, 2011 in Uncategorized Mr. Hoffman, a Human Resources manager who recently transferred from Hewlett-Packard to Microsoft, just got back from a two-week work assignment in New York. As he stood on the front porch of their house, he couldn’t be more excited. “Dad? Is tha...

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