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Are You Up for an R&R?
on Aug 12, 2009 in 3D Online Games Rise and Ruin Free-to-Play 3DVIA Card Trading Open Beta MMO Flash Browser-based games Veil Entertainment MMORPG Buy In-game Advantages Spore Productions Browser Plug-ins Warfare Genre: Strategy, Card TradingWorld: Fantasy WarfareGraphics: 3DStatus: Open BetaFee: Free-to-play; Buy In-game AdvantagesRequires: Browser Plug-ins (3DVIA)Player: MMORuns in*: IE, Firefox, Safari, CaminoDeveloper: Veil Entertainment and Spore Product...

Review of Bodog Casino
on Aug 10, 2009 in Online Games Free-to-Play Real MMO Morris Mohawk Gaming Group Optional Premium Account Browser-based games 2D Web-based games Casino Final Browser Plug-ins Bodog Casino Genre: CasinoWorld: RealGraphics: 2DStatus: Up and Running!Fee: Free-to-Play; Optional Premium Account (eCash Account)Requires: Browser Plug-ins (Flash)Player: MMOLicense: Morris Mohawk Gaming Group (MMGG)Official Site: Bodog CasinoThe Bodog Casino i...

Want to Play 3D Game in a Browser Without a Plug-in?
on Aug 8, 2009 in Online Games Web-based games Events Browser-based games Are you one of those people wanting to play a 3D browser-based game but belong to the unfortunates who have crappy hardware or have missing browser plug-ins? Are you one of those gamers who just wanted to play without having to worry about browser sy...

Sacred Seasons Player Guide: Part I Choosing Your Class
on Aug 5, 2009 in Online Games Web-based games Sacred Seasons Player Guide Sacred Seasons MMORPG Browser-based games Choosing Your Season and ClassThe first choice you are presented with is deciding what season you would like to align yourself with. Do not worry, you can still change this after you make your selection. All classes have a description and starting a...

Episode 5 of Wizard Reborn RPN NOW Available!
on Aug 3, 2009 in Adventure Single-player Free-to-Play Scott M. Huelsman 2D with Text Final Fantasy Wizard Reborn RPN Wizard Reborn RPG Previously on Episode 4 "The Moidan Slip..."Your team has entered Nace to see of what has become of the grand city after having been overrun by the moids. Despite your and your friends' efforts of not attracting some attention, you now find yourselv...

Sacred Seasons Player Guide
on Aug 1, 2009 in Sacred Seasons Player Guide Sacred Seasons Guide As promised, here is a brief Sacred Seasons Player Guide that can help you get started with the basics of your character and game play. Updates will be added from time to time until our list is completed so check regularly! Have fun!Sacred Seasons Pl...

Sacred Seasons Player Guide: Part I Creating an Account
on Aug 1, 2009 in Sacred Seasons Player Guide Sacred Seasons Guide Sacred Seasons Player GuidePart I Getting StartedCreating an Account The first thing you need to do is create an account for your character. This is a very quick process and the only information you need is a Username, a Password and an E-mail addre...

on Jul 28, 2009 in Strategy Free-to-Play Open Beta MMO Fantasy Buy In-game Advantages Flash Evony 2D Warfare Genre: StrategyWorld: Fantasy WarfareGraphics: 2DStatus: Open BetaFee: Free-to-play; Buy In-game AdvantagesRequires: Flash (and Shockwave Player**)Player: MMORuns in*: IE, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, CaminoDeveloper: UMGEOfficial Site: EvonyWhat is Evon...

on Jul 27, 2009 in Tanadu strategy Development free-to-play fantasy 2D Genre: StrategyWorld: FantasyFee: Free; optional premium accountStatus: DevelopmentTiming: Real-timeQuick-look Features: 2D, real-time, strategy, adventureRequires: TBADeveloper: Can't Stop GamesOfficial Site: TanaduTanadu Main Page Image. Want to se...

Fragoria Updates: First Year Celebration of Fragoria! New Videos!
on Jul 26, 2009 in Fragoria Fragoria updates Directly from the Fragoria News, their first year celebration of the birth of an excellent 3D browser-based game initially released in Russia has been a success. They would like to share with their friends (and fans :P) these two amazing videos. Thes...

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