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Site Description: Section 3i, is a kind of Undisputed section in Bulacan State University - College of Nursing, we are being dissolve but then, our heart still remains for the section.
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Simply Accept Your Friends Whoever they are....
on Apr 11, 2013Photo from Second life“He is gay pala, he did not tell us then I don’t wanna be his friend na” I was stunned when one of my friends named Gab tell me this after we just hang out with one of our friend whose gender is so mysterious as there...

Boracay Part 2
on Apr 6, 2013The Beautiful Sunset in BoracayAs I have said before (you may see my previous blog We Gora sa Bora (We went to Boracay) ) we were supposed to be four during our first visit to Boracay but unfortunately an unexpected and unavoidable thing ha...

Happy Birthday to me :)
on Apr 4, 2013Picture from The Candy Perfume BoyMy Birthday was last April 3, and actually when the year 2013 just started one of my fear is to have my birthday, sounds weird right? but it seems like I am really getting old and now, I know how does older peop...

Happy 4th Year Anniversary
on Mar 26, 2013Thanks for the Photo: Got my BookI am so happy that we have reached this far and we have been soaring higher as year goes by. and I wanted to share the continuous success to everybody as without you we are nothing.I feel so grateful that there a...

Different Types of My Friends
on Mar 20, 2013Kudos to VanHuoungIn accordance to my blog My Different Group of Friends I suddenly came up on distinguishing what are my friends’ different distinguishable characteristics and I end up with a lot!and to start withfrom LongDeanWorldChalle...

Different Group of Friends
on Mar 11, 2013from Girl Friend Circles“Tell me who you’re friends are and I’ll tell you who you are” a famous saying but do you believe in this statement as I personally don’t, wanna know why? As for me every people has different personality you fri...

Senatoriable Cynthia Villar offends Nurses
on Mar 1, 2013Got this from PinoyExchangeGMA NewsTV one of the most trusted league of broadcasters in the Philippines is constantly conducting ways on how we would be able to know better politicians especially those who were running for it and if the election...

on Feb 26, 2013Photo from the page WiseGeekIt has been such a big relief when I left my first job and actually I really allotted ample time just to rest in an unemployed status: I really do enjoyed staying at home, will wake up whenever I wanted, will go to&nb...

LCUP Graduate School Comprehensive Examination Results
on Feb 17, 2013I decided to enter the Graduate School Scheme of my profession as I wanted to feed it with more knowledge and learning thus I enrolled to one of the most reliable institution in Bulacan in providing Post Graduate Degree; The La Consolacion University...

Valentine: No Strings Attached
on Feb 13, 2013from 123RFFebruary 14, Valentines Day isn't only for lovers. Sometimes it is most significant to those who's not in a relationship as I know that for once in their life, they have experienced having a valentine. Actually, even the person th...

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