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Einstein's God
on Apr 1, 2010Most Christians try to misquote and misinterpret Einsten's God. Their logic usually goes like this: "Einstein, who is one of the most intelligent person of our time, believed in God. Therefore, God exists and atheists are wrong. Checkmate atheists!"...

Anti condom nuts
on Mar 21, 2010Anti condom nuts in our country strikes again. One of them says "We have to admit that using condoms is equal to legalizing free sex." What the?! Maybe he meant something?Anyways, I can't really understand why they, specifically the CBCP, cherish a...

on Mar 7, 2010Hi. It has been a very long time since I write something here. I stopped blogging for some reasons but now I "think" I miss blogging. I am really reconsidering blogging again. Hopefully something will pop out in my mind. Or if nothing pops, I guess I...

Google: Now Serving Cowardliness
on Jan 6, 2010...

Reason Enough?
on Dec 27, 2009You can have your own truths but you cannot have your own facts. Someone gave me this link and said that the six reasons in that link shows that God exists. I want to reply because some of the content of the link shows some misconceptions (or maybe l...

Proving a Negative
on Dec 25, 2009I always thought that proving a negative is impossible. I just learned and read that it is not. It would be difficult though to prove a negative because one must have omniscience to do so. But "proving" in proving a negative does not necessarily mean...

Funny and Confusing
on Dec 24, 2009I am You? You are Me?

In Defense of the Problem of Evil and Suffering
on Dec 7, 2009The fool hath said into his heart "There is no God". The wise said it to the world.I have been tagged in a note by a friend of mine in Facebook titled The Problem of Pain: Atheism's Most Potent Weapon Against The Christian Faith and the one who tagge...

2012 Doomsday Prophecy
on Dec 5, 20092012 ProphecyI always hear and see people on the world wide web so worried about the coming of 2012. Some of them say that we must prepare for 2012 because their god or gods will be coming on that day. Some of them say and believe that the world will...

Maguindanao Massacre
on Nov 24, 2009I condemn the inhumane killings in Maguindanao that killed, so far, 57 innocent lives. I hope that justice will be served. I also hope that those who are responsible for the killings will be dealt with accordingly.

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