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Site Description: Civil Society Act 101 is designed to encourage and guide newbie activists and advocates in the right direction -- the what, where, when, why and how of getting involved with political activities.
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Videos from the June 10 Protest Action against CON-ASS
on Jun 10, 2009Please watch some of the collected videos of yesterday's rally themed, STOP GLORIA'S CHACHA! at Paseo de Roxas/Ayala in Makati.1. CON-ASS 101 - A news report that explains the Constituent Assembly as a mode for changing the Constitution. Fr. Joaquin...

What has not been emphasized about the issue of Charter Change?
on Jun 10, 2009 in privatization nationalist protectionist provisions economic provisions nationalist provisions deregulation con-ass charter change liberalization This photo is borrowed from pinoymaps.comI cannot blame the people from criticizing legislators who are pro-Charter Change, pro-Con-Ass because of the big possibility of term extensions for most of them but what the people failed to see is the secon...

The Christian Response to Con-Ass Part 2
on Jun 10, 2009 in cha-cham con-ass AMRSP con-ass m con-ass HR 1109 house resolution 1109 Yesterday, June 10, before proceeding to the big Ayala, Makati mob, I was tasked to help with the media liaison at AMRSP, CEAP and NASSA-CBCP's Forum on Con-Ass - its Agenda and Implications. Gladly, many friends from the media came.Anyway, Fr. Joaqu...

The Christian Response
on Jun 7, 2009The Church has already called for more protests against Con-Ass. All Catholic communities (fathers, sisters, laity), please respond to this by participating at AMRSP's Forum on ConAss - its agenda and implication on 10 June 2009, 1:30-4:00 p.m. at...

AKSYON NA! Calling on everyone to join the "masa" on the streets
on Jun 7, 2009This is the sign of the times!These past few weeks, I was so eager to share with you a lot of stories of my participation in various socially-relevant events. I have to continue posting events that contributed to the further delay of the passage of t...

March Actions
on May 30, 2009As soon as we thought that our Campaign against the BNPP will shift gears to popular education once the session closes, we were all stunned when there was a scheduled hearing just a day before the Congress session closes (March 5). Immediately, we ne...

Recent Actions Against the BNPP Bill
on May 29, 2009I started to get involve with the issue of BNPP last February. Since I am the one assigned to the faith-based project, I need to represent and carry the faith-based perspective on the issue of the BNPP. The BNPP as explained earlier is one of the mos...

Struggle Against the BNPP Bill (HB4631 now HB 6300)
on May 29, 2009 in bnpp immoral debt notobnpp illegitimate debt debt and bnpp Its been eight months since my last post. Now, am geared up for another blogging spree. I have been too active on the streets these past few months and would be glad to share it with you to encourage participation from you and the civil society.I am...

My Short Life as an Activist
on Sep 4, 2008 in activist ideology conviction faith I have submitted this article to one of the web companies I am currently writing for. I asked permission if I can post this article in my own blog and they have agreed.I have not posted in this blog for months now but I still have my hopes that I wil...

Call to POST your comments and reflection!
on Feb 26, 2008Hey friends, I am posting some articles to tickle your mind to reflect, comment and maybe inspire?!!!!. I invite you all to share what is on your mind. I am going to post what I think about it either tonight or tomorrow. By the way, the article here...

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