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Closed Calls
on Apr 2, 2013The problem with the current running and multisport boom is congestion. Popular races close registration early because of the sheer number of excited registrants. Registration for Tri United 2 for instance closed this morning when the race is actuall...

Confessions of a Hypertensive Gladiator
on Nov 23, 2012Health condition is normally a private matter. It is something you ponder when you examine your eyebags and love handles in the mirror, or maybe with your doctor or significant other. I veer away from the traditional privacy in the hope I can save my...

Balance and Restraint
on Nov 10, 2012I registered in the 2012 New Balance Power Run for sentimental reasons. The 2008 version after all is where I finally fell in love with running. The earlier versions on the other hand taught me tough lessons about race preparation, nutrition, cramps...

Inspiration Weekend
on Jul 3, 2012 I came to Tri United 2 at Laiya jittery; I went home from the race inspired. Writing about my pre-race jitters before the weekend race somehow eased my anxiety.  I was therefore able to imbibe the positive energy in the race venue and en...

Pre-race Jitters
on Jun 28, 2012I have been doing triathlons for 4 straight years now, and yet I still experience pre-race jitters. The feeling is both unnerving and comforting. Comforting because it means the multisport passion is still alive. I once told myself that the day I fee...

I'm Back!
on May 26, 2012Finally, I'm back on the multi-sport race scene!I was reviewing the past races when I realized that my last multisport race was NAGT AAV super mini-sprint on October 16, 2011. While I did join a couple of foot races after that - including a very fun...

Go Out and Bike
on Apr 24, 2012For the nth time, I planned to leave the office at 6pm, but I actually timed out at a little past 7pm. I was supposed to go to the gym, but I was just too tired just like most days. Lack of sleep, and a slew of concerns at work, at home and in my soc...

Spaced Out, Priced Out
on Apr 10, 2012By some twist of fate I actually found time to map out my 2012 race calendar. Two things I noticed: I was spaced out, priced out.Spaced out. Now that I live oustide of the Metro (actually I am just beside the Metro, what a Pinoy might label as Metro...

The Fast and the Finished
on Mar 17, 20126:47pm SundayMarch 19, 2012Sheerwill HeadquartersI woke up hungry and thinking about cycling. Giddy positive thoughts fill me up despite the grogginess I feel from oversleeping that day (Or was I really just catching up with months of sleep debt?). I...

Be the Change
on Feb 22, 2012Last month, life began for me. Wow, magic 40! Three decades ago I was a kid in a hurry to be an adult. Now, I am half-way through earth life. Wow.When you reach an age like mine, you tend to keep stock of things. You review how you have lived life. I...

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