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Site Description: With the specter of a global pandemic looming, Medalerts has addressed the need to inform our readers immediately. Thus we will pick out swine flue specific information and modify our layout to ensure that the important news is readily accesible.
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NDM-1 Super Bug
on Sep 13, 2010Since August of this year, the medical world has been buzzing with reports about a superbug NDM-1 believed to have originated in India.This is pretty alarming on several fronts.1. NDM-1 has shown resistance to every antibiotic known to man2. India is...

High Mortality of H5N1
on Jul 4, 2010Was going over the reports from PROMED and WHO when a statistic caught my eye.The average global mortality rate of H5N1 is 59 % while in Indonesia, the rate is 83%.The WHO has a regular status report about H5N1 and H1N1. You can access the H5N1 page...

Site Reorganization
on Jun 26, 2010Just to let my blog readers know that I have reorganized the site and transferred the H1N1 links to the section after the posts.Nothing has been taken out, I just thought that General Medical News should be the focus for now. This is preparation for...

IMPORTANT: Massive Recall of Slim Fast Products
on Dec 10, 2009If you take any of the Slim Fast diet shakes and drinks, please stop and read this article.On December 4, 2009, millions of Slim Fast products were recalled by the mother company Unilever. This is due to the presence of a bacteria that can cause mod...

CDC Confirms That You Can Get Swine Flu Twice
on Nov 25, 2009 in charleston h1n1 infected twice cdc The Charleston Daily Mail had reported that a Pediatrician stated that she contracted swine flu twice. Once in August and again in October. While the allegation was met with skepticism by the medical community, no less than the Center For Disease Con...

Does being infected in the 1st wave of H1N1 provide a person with immunity to the second or third H1N1 wave?
on Jun 28, 2009 in immunity h1n1 1st wave 1918 spanish flu data 2nd wave One question that has been raised again and again is the that of whether being infected in the 1st H1N1 pandemic wave provide a person with immunity to the second or third pandemic waves.There are numerous opinions on this but one of the best indicat...

on Jun 28, 2009 in abs cbn tamiflu resistant h1n1 ABS CBN News reports that a strain of H1N1 has developed a resistance to TAMIFLU which is the drug of choice in treating the virus.Click here to read more about it on ABS CBNHere a Virologist writes about it in more detailAnd here is Reuters report a...

Swine Flu originated from Asia and not Mexico?
on Jun 28, 2009 in mexico h1n1 origin asia A New York Times article reports that a new theory suggests that H1N1 flu originated from Asia and not Mexico.Read about it here...

Philippine Department of Health defends policy of keeping swine flu death a secret.
on Jun 25, 2009The DOH defended its move to keep secret, the occupation of the countries 1st H1N1 related death. The DOH Head, Dr. Duque, invoked their departments protocol in keeping identities of fatalities secret as justification in their practice of secrecy.How...

Low Level H1N1 Outbreak Declared in Metro Manila
on Jun 22, 2009 in mutation doh h1n1 metro manila low level outbreak second wave The two major news networks reported tonight that the DOH has declared a low level community level outbreak in Metro Manila.Click here for the ABS CBN News reportClick here for the GMA News ReportIn an earlier report, the DOH warned the public regard...

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