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BITON..(But not Louis)
on May 26, 2009 in footwear shoes fashion shoe polish *The only time I get to have new shoes is when school starts. I came from a middle class family and the only time we get new stuff is just before school. My folks would buy me a pair of leather shoes and a pair of rubber shoes for PE. The idea of buy...

on May 20, 2009 in footwear fashion I went on vacation last week to Boracay with my family. Part of the requirement in any Boracay vacation is the mandatory rubber sandals. Nobody goes to Bora without rubber sandals---a throw back to the time when one must wade through the water after...

White is the new sexy?
on Apr 20, 2009 in Whitening Products skin care Men's Vanity beauty products Going to Cubao, I came across this billboard staring Sam Milby.Check out the message..(and I could not wipe the smile off my face) .You know what I think? I think that the copywriter should be castrated and the resulting stump poured with patis.

Fruits of Summer
on Apr 20, 2009 in Philippine fruits Food Thanks to globalization, Filipinos have access to the fruits of the first world. Go to any large Philippine supermarket you will find apples, oranges, kiwi fruits, grapes sometimes even peaches and pears. Thanks to biodiversity, we have access to reg...

Men and their instruments
on Apr 14, 2009 in tools No doubt about it, we are in love with our tools and our machines. All men are essentially cavemen. They are descendants of hunters and gatherers. Thus understandably, they take so much pride and joy with the instruments of their prowess. No man wou...

Metrosexual ?
on Apr 1, 2009 in Whitening Products Men's Vanity Allow me to bash the increasingly funny phenomenon of the Metro sexual male. Supposedly, Metrosexual men are men (wipe that smile off your face) who are conscious of their appearance and grooming and are cultured and sensitive and most of all heteros...

Tekkie, Tekkie
on Mar 30, 2009 in New Technology Computers In 1992, my computer was a 386 clone. It had two megabytes (yes ..megabytes) of memory, a forty megabyte hard disk and runs on the first generation of Windows (the one with the leafy wallpaper) and a colored monitor. By present standards, I could loa...

Last Day of School
on Mar 26, 2009 in Ateneo Campus Summer Ateneo de Manila University Campus, Loyola Heights Q.C., March 28, 2009, 0945 AM.I always have the misfortune of having one of the last exam dates on campus. By design or by some cruel joke, my class is always the last to take the exams, and this yea...

on Mar 9, 2009 in Tony Falcon Tony Ferrer Philippine Movies My memories of summer will not be complete without mentioning the old movies that we used to watch in the afternoons. When I was young two stations RPN-9 and GMA-7 showed old movies in the afternoons. When the sun is scorching hot and it’s too sunn...

Grill of My Dreams
on Mar 2, 2009 in grill cooking There is a little caveman in every manly man and every once in a while we get this manly urge to cook things using an open fire. They say that what distinguishes Homo Sapiens from the rest of his predecessors is the use of tools and the application...

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