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An Organized Mess
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Everything you didn't wanna know. And didn't dare to ask. But still, a blog that cares. Chos!

Tags: camillebinuya, humor, food trip, places to see, opinion

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Hubman's Notebook
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Official Blog of BPOCareerHub.Com | BPOCareerHub is an online job portal that caters specifically to the BPO, KPO and Contact Center Industry.

Tags: BPO, Work, Career, Call Center, BPOCareerHub

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a communication blog designed for Oc 152 (Communication Trends and Styles), which is a comparative survey of the different communication technologies, trends, and styles–with a focus on New Social Media–and their impact on organizations.

Tags: acommismo, new social media, communication blog, internet, communication trends and styles

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Comm de Garçon
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Comm de Garçon, which roughly translates to "Comm Boy," is a blog dedicated to discussing the latest in communication trends, social media, world news, youth issues, and occasionally, fashion.

Tags: UP Manila, Organizational Communication, New Social Media, Fashion, Youth

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TokTalkTok are knocks on the Online Corporate Chika world owned by Arven Eusebio. This blog talks about how communication is important for people, most especially in the New Social Media realm.

Tags: Arven Eusebio, Organizational Communication, OrCom, TokTalkTok, Arven

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A communication blog: taking you to the world of communication and new social media. Authored by Eunice Haidee Sacdalan, an Organizational Communication student of UP Manila.

Tags: UP- Manila, Eunice Haidee Sacdalan, OrCom, Organizational Communication, New Social Media

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Jemi's Simple Commplexities
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The official blogsite of Jemi, and his ramblings on how new social media affects today's businesses and society. It's that simple.

Tags: organizational communication, new social media, UP Manila, University of the Philippines, simple

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Walk the Talk
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A wordpress site dedicated to exploring the values and advantages of using new social media in organizations.

Tags: Organizational Communication, New Social Media, UP Manila, galeaya, Communication Trends

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this ain't just about me, it's also about the twists and turns in the world of communication. Read my thoughts and commandgetme!

Tags: New Social media, Organizational Communication, UP Manila, Ayessa Parayno

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Dream On
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Communicating in my sleep.

Tags: Ariane, UP Manila, Organizational Communication, New Social Media

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This site consists stories of Mannasoft event happenings internally and externally.

Tags: mannasoft, software, mobile apps, systems, security

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Everything and Anything New Social Media written by a UP Manila Organizational Communication senior.

Tags: UP Manila, Organizational Communication, Orcom, New Social Media

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An attempt to be a commqueror in the world of organizational communication and new social media

Tags: UP Manila, Orcom,New Social Media

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we all live in a rainbow of chaos
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The colorful world of Organizational Communication as told by Angge Fernandez.

Tags: Orcom, UP Manila, New Social Media

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Global BPOgraphy
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Global Hotline Philippines' official blog tackling events, trends, and tips in gaining an inside perspective of the BPO industry.

Tags: BPO, Call Center, Global, Global Hotline Philippines, Employment

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The Auctioneer
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The official blog of

Tags: Auction, Online shopping, Cybermall, Bid, Auctioneer

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GVRC Placement Services
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GVRC Placement Services, Inc. is a Philippine-based manpower recruitment agency, duly licensed by the POEA. We facilitate the recruitment & placement of highly trained, multiskilled personnel to different parts of the world. Plus get Jobhunting Tips!

Tags: Recruitment agency, Placement services, Jobs Abroad, Manpower, Job Hunting Tips

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F8 Advertising + Photography tips and consultancy
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From print to web design to direct mailing campaigns, whether big or small you can count on F8 Advertising for the creativity, experience and expertise to get the results you need. Plus get the latest tips & tricks on photography and photoshop

Tags: Design, Printing, Photography, Photoshop, Tips and tricks

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Pondo Ng Pinoy
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As a chapter of a movement based in the Diocese of San Pablo develop a Filipino culture rooted more deeply in love of God and neighbor, especially the poor, through little but repeated acts of compassion, solidarity and sharing...

Tags: catholic, Filipino, Pondo, diocese, san pablo

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Attack of the Lines
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Attack of the communication blog. Giving you weapons in the form of words.

Tags: organizational communication, oc 152, up manila, nadz ruiz, communication blog

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