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irishprecious' padayon
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A communication blog that dwells on the author's life as a future communicologist, and her learnings on the course and the latest trends on communication.

Tags: irishprecious, Irish Precious D. Mangubat, organizational communication, orcom, University of the Philipines Manila

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Brain bang
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Through Brain Bang, a lot of discussion will hopefully be generated on market positioning and public relations. No idea killers here. Only passionate dialectics.

Tags: Philippines, public relations, advertising, discussion, politics

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The Organizational Communication Cyber-Travel
Statistics for The Organizational Communication Cyber-Travel
This blog will feature Organizational-Communication-and-WWW-related worth-reading posts as well as reflection posts with regard last week’s lecture or with a specific reading.

Tags: Organizational Communication, UP Manila, OrCom

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Mostly Nerdy
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In Mostly Nerdy, UP Manila Organizational Communication student Alvina Antonio writes about how new social media can add value to organizations.

Tags: UP Manila, Organizational Communication, New Social Media, OrCom, Philippines

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Perceptions, uses and implications of the New Social Media in the study and practice of Organizational Communication

Tags: New Social Media, Organizational Communication, OrCom, UP Manila, Noemi Stephannie Guerrero

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communication blog for organizational communication

Tags: organizational communication, up manila, jasper dela cruz, jasper

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The OC
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My academic blog.

Tags: jam fiecas, UP Manila, New Social Media, OrCom, Organizational Communication

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Blog & Breakfast
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Start the day with fresh, healthy communication.

Tags: Organizational Communication, OrCom, UP Manila, University of the Philippines, New Social Media

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Comm de Garçon
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Comm de Garçon, which roughly translates to "Comm Boy," is a blog dedicated to discussing the latest in communication trends, social media, world news, youth issues, and occasionally, fashion.

Tags: UP Manila, Organizational Communication, New Social Media, Fashion, Youth

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Jhe David, a senior BA OrCom student at UP Manila, writes about her experiences (as, well, an OrCom major) -- with, of course, a touch of humor :) Read on, enjoy :)

Tags: Jhe David, Organizational Communication, OrCom, Humor, College Life

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'Campus Jock'
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I have tried a lot of sports, played almost all the games there are, or probably, all the games I knew. But this one is mine, my own game in my own playing field. Yeah, I am an athlete, and communication is my sport.

Tags: Jorge Jorron Lee Monroy, UP Manila, BA OrCom, University of the Philippines, BA Organizational Communication

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Leizy Vista
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A view of the ever expanding horizons of communication.

Tags: Organizational Communication, OrCom, UP Manila, New Social media

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A communication blog: taking you to the world of communication and new social media. Authored by Eunice Haidee Sacdalan, an Organizational Communication student of UP Manila.

Tags: UP- Manila, Eunice Haidee Sacdalan, OrCom, Organizational Communication, New Social Media

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Louduser: "Thinking Aloud. Thinking Allowed." Corporate rebel or angel? Clueless, Curious or Bored? Read on for your OrComusement.

Tags: organizational communication, new social media, UP Manila, OrCom, Lou Ortiz

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Everything and Anything New Social Media written by a UP Manila Organizational Communication senior.

Tags: UP Manila, Organizational Communication, Orcom, New Social Media

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An attempt to be a commqueror in the world of organizational communication and new social media

Tags: UP Manila, Orcom,New Social Media

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we all live in a rainbow of chaos
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The colorful world of Organizational Communication as told by Angge Fernandez.

Tags: Orcom, UP Manila, New Social Media

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Global BPOgraphy
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Global Hotline Philippines' official blog tackling events, trends, and tips in gaining an inside perspective of the BPO industry.

Tags: BPO, Call Center, Global, Global Hotline Philippines, Employment

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GVRC Placement Services
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GVRC Placement Services, Inc. is a Philippine-based manpower recruitment agency, duly licensed by the POEA. We facilitate the recruitment & placement of highly trained, multiskilled personnel to different parts of the world. Plus get Jobhunting Tips!

Tags: Recruitment agency, Placement services, Jobs Abroad, Manpower, Job Hunting Tips

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Attack of the Lines
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Attack of the communication blog. Giving you weapons in the form of words.

Tags: organizational communication, oc 152, up manila, nadz ruiz, communication blog

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tawa lang ng tawa hanggang ma-dedz :D

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