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Hubman's Notebook
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Official Blog of BPOCareerHub.Com | BPOCareerHub is an online job portal that caters specifically to the BPO, KPO and Contact Center Industry.

Tags: BPO, Work, Career, Call Center, BPOCareerHub

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Arvin Razon
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An aspiring communication specialist, Arvin Razon chronicles his thoughts and insights about new media and its impact to the booming communication industry in the Philippines.

Tags: organizational communication, communication, UP Manila, Philippines, orcom

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Mostly Nerdy
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In Mostly Nerdy, UP Manila Organizational Communication student Alvina Antonio writes about how new social media can add value to organizations.

Tags: UP Manila, Organizational Communication, New Social Media, OrCom, Philippines

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Beyond The Purple Eye
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This is Allen's collection thoughts and learnings as she discovers more about new social media and its significance in Organizational Communication

Tags: UP Manila, Organizational Communication, New Social Media, Allen A. Maralit

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Perceptions, uses and implications of the New Social Media in the study and practice of Organizational Communication

Tags: New Social Media, Organizational Communication, OrCom, UP Manila, Noemi Stephannie Guerrero

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communication blog for organizational communication

Tags: organizational communication, up manila, jasper dela cruz, jasper

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Comm de Garçon
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Comm de Garçon, which roughly translates to "Comm Boy," is a blog dedicated to discussing the latest in communication trends, social media, world news, youth issues, and occasionally, fashion.

Tags: UP Manila, Organizational Communication, New Social Media, Fashion, Youth

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'Campus Jock'
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I have tried a lot of sports, played almost all the games there are, or probably, all the games I knew. But this one is mine, my own game in my own playing field. Yeah, I am an athlete, and communication is my sport.

Tags: Jorge Jorron Lee Monroy, UP Manila, BA OrCom, University of the Philippines, BA Organizational Communication

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★ JAY+ dreamwerx _redux
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"Parents spend the first part of our lives teaching us to walk and talk, and the rest of it telling us to sit down and shut up." --JayL Aquino ;-D

Tags: JayL Aquino, movies, videos, scandals, pinoy scandal

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Ehance Visa Fiancee, Spousal & Tourist Visa
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The Fiancee/Spousal & Tourist department of Enhance is designed to provide PEACE OF MIND and convenience to the clients who need reliable information and dependable service in the course of the clients’ visa application and processing.

Tags: Visa, Fiancee, Spousal, Tourist

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A communication blog: taking you to the world of communication and new social media. Authored by Eunice Haidee Sacdalan, an Organizational Communication student of UP Manila.

Tags: UP- Manila, Eunice Haidee Sacdalan, OrCom, Organizational Communication, New Social Media

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An attempt to be a commqueror in the world of organizational communication and new social media

Tags: UP Manila, Orcom,New Social Media

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Attack of the Lines
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Attack of the communication blog. Giving you weapons in the form of words.

Tags: organizational communication, oc 152, up manila, nadz ruiz, communication blog

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Linking everything under the sun with the power of Communication

Tags: UP Manila, social network, communication, advertising, public relations

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