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Bilingual Pen
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A community portal. Contains poetry, fiction, essays, and other writing genres. Gives tips on writing and publishing, as well as links to workshops and writing contests.

Tags: poetry, literature, writing, fiction, contests

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Hello, I'm Elliedelights. Ellie for short. I'm an amateur online writer just sharing my stories to the world. Or to put it simply, a poet at heart & a crazy writer by choice. :)

Tags: elliedelights, ellie, love-nat, tagalog, romance

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Jo's Bookshelf
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Dishing up reviews to spare you from literary lemons

Tags: reviews, fiction, multi-genre, novels, books

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The Wednesday Reader
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A blog about comics, comics culture and Batman, the Wednesday Reader aims to give quality comic content.

Tags: Comics, Wednesday, Batman, Comics Culture, Reader

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Filipino Book Bloggers
Statistics for Filipino Book Bloggers
This is a directory of Filipino book bloggers from all over the world. It doesn't matter what genre you blog about or where you're located, as long as you're a Filipino, you're welcome to have your blog listed.

Tags: books, fiction, non-fiction, young adult, general fiction

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A collection of feature stories, poetry, etc.

Tags: literature, poetry, feature

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The Solitary Bookworm
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TSB offers an eclectic taste in book reviews ranging from middle grade to dystopian genre.

Tags: The Solitary Bookworm, Book review, literature, YA book review, author interview

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BGOLDtm (Bi-Gays On-Line Diary)
Statistics for BGOLDtm (Bi-Gays On-Line Diary)

Tags: gays, stories, erwanreid, bgold, diary

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My Book and My Coffee
Statistics for My Book and My Coffee
Book reviews and more. Be updated with free Kindle eBooks, free eBooks in general, and discounted Kindle ebooks. Tune in!

Tags: book reviews, free eBooks, discounted eBooks, Free eBook Feature

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Tagalog Love Stories
Statistics for Tagalog Love Stories
Tagalog Love Stories Romance Stories Pinoy Love Stories

Tags: Tagalog Love Stories, Romance Stories, Pinoy Love Stories, Sad Love Stories

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Poetika at Literatura
Statistics for Poetika at Literatura
Collection of Filipino Poems and Literatures

Tags: Poems, Poetry, Poetika, Poetika at Literatura, Tula

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experimental dish
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Experimental dish is a little bit of this and that kind of blog, but mainly tackles books, a little bit of photography, food, and travelling.

Tags: book review, photography, travelling, food, movie

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Artseblis Reads
Statistics for Artseblis Reads
Pushing 60 reads a year. Urban fantasy. Paranormal mystery. Historical thriller. Fantasy & Science Fiction. A few odds and ends. No frills, just very personal book reviews.

Tags: urban fantasy, paranormal mystery, historical mystery, fantasy, comics

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Statistics for Elliedelights
I am just a girl sharing her story to the world

Tags: elliedelights, romance-comedy, tagalog, taglish, wattpad

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Mga tula at kwento: Bahaghari ng kaisipan
Statistics for Mga tula at kwento: Bahaghari ng kaisipan
kalipunan ng mga tulang Filipino na likha ng isang Mindanaon... tulang sari-sari na parang bahaghari ng kaisipan...

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Barbs Galicia Stories
Statistics for Barbs Galicia Stories
Barbs Galicia's original Wattpad stories

Tags: Wattpad, stories, A Wife's Cry, Barbs Galicia

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Brush Up On Your Reading
Statistics for Brush Up On Your Reading
A blog for book reviews. It was started just this month and the aim is to provide an honest insight about different books, either Filipino or foreign.

Tags: book review, reading, books, character analysis

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Divergent Gryffindor
Statistics for Divergent Gryffindor
Hi, I'm Kim, a Chinese blogger from the Philippines! :) I love reading YA novels, contemporary, romance, dystopian and middle grade! I would love to meet new people, so feel free to comment or talk to me anytime :)

Tags: Review, ARC Review, Contemporary, Giveaways, Excerpt

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The Vampire Diaries Episodes
Statistics for The Vampire Diaries Episodes
A fansite for the popular TV series The Vampire Diaries.

Tags: stefan, damon, elena, bonnie, caroline

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Couch Potato, Certified
Statistics for Couch Potato, Certified
This blog contains book reviews, movies and kdrama series I've watched.

Tags: book review, kdrama, movies, korean, books

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A personal blog that happens to have a lot of book-related posts

Tags: Books, Book Review, Personal, Adventure

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Statistics for Balakista
Ang BALAKISTA abotanan sa mga balak nga bisaya gikan sa mga batan-on hangtod na sa hamtong sa Cebuano nga literatura.

Tags: balak nga bisaya, cebuano poetry, cebuano balak, balak sugboanon, cebuano poem

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Statistics for BookOaths
I am machi/mirika and I'm a girl obsessed with books. Looking for reviews? Just drop by :)

Tags: bookoaths, book reviews, books

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The Book Tripper
Statistics for The Book Tripper
books + films + desktop games + animations + beer + women + sci fi + rock n roll = MAGIC

Tags: Book Blog, Speculative Fiction, Book Reviews, Fantasy, Non Fiction

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Statistics for Litratula
Litratong may sahog na tula o tulang may sahog na litrato. Isang pagtatangka na ang litrato'y magsalita sa pamamagitang ng tula o magkaroon ng hugis ang tula. Sa madaling salita, ang litrato ang katawan at ang tula ang kaluluwa.

Tags: litrato, tula

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The Invisible Observer
Statistics for The Invisible Observer
A Tumblr blog about the joys and pains of growing up, in the eyes of a 19-year old young man from the Philippines.

Tags: photography, growing up, teenagers, manila, thoughts

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Lifebooks and Acts 29 Publishing
Statistics for Lifebooks and Acts 29 Publishing
Literature to live by!

Tags: devotional, inspirational, motivational, business, self-help

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Night Owl Reads
Statistics for Night Owl Reads
Reading e-books before bed.

Tags: young adult, reviews, book tours, novels, giveaways

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The Selkie Reads Stories
Statistics for The Selkie Reads Stories
A book review blog featuring the latest best selling and self published Young Adult and New Adult books.

Tags: books, Young Adult, teen, book reviews, new adult

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Elaine will Read
Statistics for Elaine will Read
I'm a night owl and I love to read

Tags: Book Reviews, Book Haul, Books, Young Adult, Book Signing

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When Blog and Book Collide
Statistics for When Blog and Book Collide
When Blog and Book Collide is about book reviews, book discussions and the literary world's updates.

Tags: book blog, reviews, guy, YA, novels

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Book Overdose
Statistics for Book Overdose
Book Overdose is a Young-Adult book blog that contains reviews of novels I've read, news about recent book series, upcoming books, and authors.

Tags: young-adult, book reviews, novels, books, fiction

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tomato cafe
Statistics for tomato cafe
tomatocf is not a food blog! i just write about anything that amuses a parade of ants from the sink to the cupboard.

Tags: tcf, tomatocafe

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Bookshelf Confessions
Statistics for Bookshelf Confessions
A blog about books, reviews, movies, interviews, guest posts, blog tours, giveaways and many more!

Tags: books, giveaways, book review, movies, Filipino

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Pinoy Tabularasa
Statistics for Pinoy Tabularasa
kwentong nakakainis, nakakaaliw at pawang katotohang nasulat dahil sa panahon at karanasan...

Tags: opinyon, maikling kwento, nakakaaliw, tabularasa, pinoy

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Statistics for madforink
the pot that is.

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Happy Thoughts, Happy Snaps
Statistics for Happy Thoughts, Happy Snaps
A bookworm who loves to shoot. | The girl behind

Tags: books, book reviews, lomography, travel, thoughts

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Statistics for Solopika
Ilang salaysay ng basilisko

Tags: tula, panulaang filipino, poem, makata, filipino poet

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Snaps and Reads
Statistics for Snaps and Reads
"Bringing back some of life's simplest pleasures." | Books | Lomography Cameras and Films.

Tags: books, lomography, free ebooks, lomography cameras, films

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Gewgaw Writings Love and Life
Statistics for Gewgaw Writings Love and Life
About love and life and all the things in between.

Tags: writing, love, life, love poems, love life stories

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Journey with Books
Statistics for Journey with Books
This is the blog that feed your addiction in reading.

Tags: geeks, bookreviews, romance, youngadult, girls

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Beauty in Solitude: The Darkness Within and Without
Statistics for Beauty in Solitude: The Darkness Within and Without
The thoughts and works of an educator from the Philippines

Tags: poetry, literature, education, teachers, poems

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The Crazy Bookworm
Statistics for The Crazy Bookworm
Book reviews and other book shenanigans from no other than Tara, The Crazy Bookworm. Drop by, sometime! xoxo

Tags: wordpress, book reviews, books, book blog, young adult

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Geeky Princess Glamorous
Statistics for Geeky Princess Glamorous
Mileventwelve's blog for book and movie reviews.

Tags: movie reviews, book reviews, writing, mileventwelve, reviews

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Statistics for Taludturan
Ang Taludturan ay isang Literary blog na naglalaman karamihan ng mga tulang isinulat ko.

Tags: Literature, Poetry, Musings, Doodles

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Paper Bug
Statistics for Paper Bug
there are many suitable places for this bug to develop and grow... i think it has already found one..

Tags: literature, reviews, books, literary, articles

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Kwento ni Rich
Statistics for Kwento ni Rich
A Tagalog Blog of Azurich that deals with his genious mind and hilarious nothings,,,, hahaha From the maker of Rich World, comes a Tagalog blog that reaches his own imagination for all in his own language.

Tags: Literature, Novel, Poem, Opinion, Tagalog

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Imagine . Create . Share
Statistics for Imagine . Create . Share
Rants, Musings, Ramblings, Book Reviews, Ebook Giveaways and Everything in between

Tags: book reviews, young adult, dystopian, adult fiction, Contemporary Romance

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Ask Pinaywriter
Statistics for Ask Pinaywriter
This is the official blog of Tagalog Online Pocketbook T.O.P. EIC writes about writing tips and T.O.P. life

Tags: tagalog online pocketbook, tagalog pocketbooks, pocketbook, pinaywriter, tagalog novel

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