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Someday I will become a "mangaka"! :) While I'm preparing for that dream, please join me in my journey through this blog. ^.^

Tags: artworks, literature, doodles, sketching, stories

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Pixel Lodge
Statistics for Pixel Lodge
Pixel Artworks made for fun. Collection of my art ranging from Game Graphics, Fanart, Tilesets, Sprites and other interests. >D

Tags: pixels, fanart, sprites, graphics, artworks

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Olivia Penero
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A curated collection of creative outputs.

Tags: graphic design, blogging, lettering, art

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Dakilang Tambay
Statistics for Dakilang Tambay
Mia Sortijas is a 20 something lovable girl and sometimes with eccentric personality. a gal who loves adventures and exciting trip. She also loves fashion and make-up. A frustrated Photographer and Make-up artist. a Registered Nurse with no job

Tags: personal, travel, make up, beauty,, work

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JanzCrystalz Handcrafts
Statistics for JanzCrystalz Handcrafts
handmade swarovski jewelries, nail art, crafts and more

Tags: handcrafted jewelries, jewelry, nail art, swarovski, craft

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Statistics for Sketchperiments
City sketches of an Urban Sketcher worldwide member

Tags: sketch, philippines, drawings, city sketches, Urban Sketcher

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Ayaw ng Nanay Mo
Statistics for Ayaw ng Nanay Mo
Substance + Sound + Skin + Subversion - Petty Bourgeois Fear

Tags: music, tattoo, politics, literature, bourgeois

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its all about new gadget,mobiles,laptops,phone and lots of more

Tags: gadget, phone, ipad, tablets, laptops

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Statistics for Eurasien
I blog about fashion and my daily experiences. How to's and DYI's.

Tags: #DeeTanjutco, #Fashion, #BulacanStateUniversity, #Pinoy, #DanicaMaeTanjutco

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Craftaholic Pinay
Statistics for Craftaholic Pinay
a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) blog; accessories, decor, doll dresses, etc

Tags: DIY, Crafts, Beads, How To, Accessories

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Little Miss Pinay Crafter
Statistics for Little Miss Pinay Crafter
A Filipina craft enthusiast documents her handmade lovelies, favorite things, as well as travel and kitchen adventures.

Tags: crafts

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Pinoy Tv HD Replay
Statistics for Pinoy Tv HD Replay
Our site provides Pinoy HD Video Replay Episode and the only place for Pinoy Tambayan of the best Pinoy Tv Show.

Tags: Pinoy Tv, Pinoy Tv Show, PinoyTv, Pinoy HD Replay, Pinoy Tv Episode

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photographic printing
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This blog contains a an Information or a step by step tutorial in T-shirt printing using the PHOTOGRAPHIC SILK SCREEN METHOD.. Print your Desire shirt on your own.. ^_^ enjoy..

Tags: t-shirt printing, photographic printing, t-shirt design, silk screen printing, photographic printing tutorials

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Teenage Dreamer
Statistics for Teenage Dreamer
An eighteen year old enthusiast soon to rock the world.

Tags: fashion, photography, DIY

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I am your way to happyland
Statistics for I am your way to happyland
It's my personal and doodle blog. It bears my written works and drawings.

Tags: doodle, art

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the weekend artist
Statistics for the weekend artist
an art/inspiration blog which catalogues the weekend artist's works.

Tags: crafts, watercolor, artist, weekend, inspirational

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cindy's page
Statistics for cindy's page
about entertainment and anything that come to my interest

Tags: information, celebs

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my daily sketches
Statistics for my daily sketches
My everyday sketches before going to my main work as a graphic artist. Yu can find also paintings for sale that every other day I updated.

Tags: paintings, illustrations, artworks, children's book, art for sale

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Infinite Dreams
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The roller coaster personal/fashion journey of an infinite dreamer

Tags: Personal, Fun, Style, Diary

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Personalized Accessories
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Personalized Accessories is an online shop selling customized acrylic and clay accessories.

Tags: Personalized Accessories, itsPAofficial, Acrylic, Clay

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Artsy-fartsy...a little bit gutsy...and everything in between.
Statistics for Artsy-fartsy...a little bit gutsy...and everything in between.
A journey into the world of cross stitching and thereabouts.

Tags: cross stitch, embroidery, stitching, needlecraft, haberdashery

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Thrifty Crafty Things
Statistics for Thrifty Crafty Things
Learn how to do crafts without having to spend a fortune. All it takes is a little creativity and imagination. Anyone CAN craft

Tags: crafts, projects, diy, scrapbook

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Aliw-iw at Alulong
Statistics for Aliw-iw at Alulong
A collection of poems in Filipino by Lorenzo A. Fernandez Jr.

Tags: mga tulang umaalulong, pero may aliw-iw pa rin, ibang boses, Panitikang Filipino, ibang istilo

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aizeldr art
Statistics for aizeldr art
Features my photography, Illustrations, makeup, DIYs, fashion and everything nice.

Tags: Fashion, Makeup, photography, beauty, portraits

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documenting every step of my way of becoming a successful animator.

Tags: animation, illustration, traditional arts, lifestyle, graphic arts

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La Mer de Reve
Statistics for La Mer de Reve
La Mer de Reve is about Bre's art works; interesting finds about art, design, crafts, literature, current events, simple living, and even her son's musings.

Tags: artwork, design, drawing, illustrations, literature

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Design Dummy
Statistics for Design Dummy
Daily Design and Architecture News with Retarded Views

Tags: Design Blog, Architecture and Design, Design Gossip, Stupid Dumb, Critique

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The Pencil Case
Statistics for The Pencil Case
A blog to showcase mainly polymer clay sculptures and other artisan crafts handmade by a proud Filipina Artist.

Tags: polymer clay, miniature, 1:12, jewelry, dollhouse

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Pinoy Resbak
Statistics for Pinoy Resbak
This is a political opinionated posts. Philippine issue oriented posts.

Tags: Politics, Issues, News, Philippines, Opinion

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Mommy Pehpot
Statistics for Mommy Pehpot
Super Mom: DIY Queen

Tags: DIY costumes, DIY decors, Party Invitations, Loot Bags, Birthday Party

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Statistics for DESIGN ON MY MIND
A blog that shares random thoughts about anything creative. It's mostly about appreciation of architecture, interior design, furniture, fashion and make-up. Anything goes! As long as its unique, one of a kind, creative and can inspire readers.

Tags: design on my mind, tats dela cruz design, interior design ideas, furniture design, fashion and make-up

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Polished Kid
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easy nail art tutorials :)

Tags: nail art, nail polish, colorful, art, design

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Ako si Indoy
Statistics for Ako si Indoy
Ako si Indoy The Modern Nanny. Ito'y seryosong trabaho na hindi pwedeng ikahiya sa kahit ninuman.narito si Indoy ang kaagapay niyo.

Tags: intertainment, news, HUMORS, ideas, movie

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