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Orbis CCD
Statistics for Orbis CCD
appreciating architecture, comprehensive information on the art and science of architecture

Tags: architecture, house design, interiors, landscape, urban planning

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Boltex Machine
Statistics for Boltex Machine
rzero1's gunpla works and collection

Tags: Gundam, Gunpla, Hobby, Mecha, Model Kits

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Paragon Shirts
Statistics for Paragon Shirts
A free blog about shirt designs and inspirations

Tags: free shirt design, free shirts design, free shirt inspiration, free shirts design inspiration, shirt design blog

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Statistics for Editor-at-Large
this blog that tackles anything under the sun, including current Philippine issues. It contains posts about learning a new Philippine language, travels around the country, etc. in Filipino, English, Hiligaynon, and Kinaray-a.

Tags: dakilangalitaptap, editor-at-large, book editor, philippine textbooks, editor blogger

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Dakilang Tambay
Statistics for Dakilang Tambay
Mia Sortijas is a 20 something lovable girl and sometimes with eccentric personality. a gal who loves adventures and exciting trip. She also loves fashion and make-up. A frustrated Photographer and Make-up artist. a Registered Nurse with no job

Tags: personal, travel, make up, beauty,, work

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Journal of a semi-insane man
Statistics for Journal of a semi-insane man
Ilonggo poems, ruminations...

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A beautiful life
Statistics for A beautiful life
Johanna Perez makes awesome do-it-yourself health, beauty and wellness projects that anyone can do at home!

Tags: Johanna Perez, DIY, Makeup, How-to, Style

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Hello Stranger
Statistics for Hello Stranger
Creative outlet of a freelance Manila-based illustrator + shutterbug.

Tags: illustration, typography, art, digital, photography

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Aliw-iw at Alulong
Statistics for Aliw-iw at Alulong
A collection of poems in Filipino by Lorenzo A. Fernandez Jr.

Tags: mga tulang umaalulong, pero may aliw-iw pa rin, ibang boses, Panitikang Filipino, ibang istilo

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inspired creations
Statistics for inspired creations
Welcome to my blog site where arts and ideas are dumped freely. Feel free to browse and have fun. let's all say: "A is FOR ART"

Tags: arts and crafts, photography and typography, pinoy culture, anything under the sun, drawings and doodles

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Faintest Clouds - The Art of Czar Esteban
Statistics for Faintest Clouds - The Art of Czar Esteban
Online artist portfolio and personal blog of a multimedia artist and an aspiring graphic novelist. Posts will most likely include anime, manga, japan, progress works, and massive flailing about anything under the sun.

Tags: anime, manga, graphic novel, multimedia arts, illustration

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Statistics for PinoyGundam
PinoyGundam. Everything about the Pinoy Plasmeyt's Unbridled Passion on Gundam Plastic Models.

Tags: gundam, gunpla, model kit, hobby, anime

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sugar, spice and more sugar
Statistics for sugar, spice and more sugar
because life is sweet, let us make it sweeter!

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Statistics for b3omeister
A blog for sharing my works and experience in gunpla

Tags: gundam, gunpla, scale modeling

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Ayaw ng Nanay Mo
Statistics for Ayaw ng Nanay Mo
Substance + Sound + Skin + Subversion - Petty Bourgeois Fear

Tags: music, tattoo, politics, literature, bourgeois

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Birthday Greetings
Statistics for Birthday Greetings
Birthday Greeting Design, share and greet friend in facebook, twitter, email.

Tags: Birthday, Graphics, Arts Design, anime, Birthday messages

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Statistics for welovetumblr
its all about TUMBLR!

Tags: TUMBLR, reblog, post, like, tag

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Collection of Aster
Statistics for Collection of Aster
Funny, Weirdest and Creepiest collection of Aster!

Tags: Funny, weirdest, creepiest, music, outdoors

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The World As I Know It
Statistics for The World As I Know It
Blog of a restless traveler who enjoys just about anything under the sun, seeking to see the world in her own eyes; and a certified foodie who takes pleasure in any gastronomic adventure.

Tags: food, restaurants, tumblr, manila, photography

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photographic printing
Statistics for photographic printing
This blog contains a an Information or a step by step tutorial in T-shirt printing using the PHOTOGRAPHIC SILK SCREEN METHOD.. Print your Desire shirt on your own.. ^_^ enjoy..

Tags: t-shirt printing, photographic printing, t-shirt design, silk screen printing, photographic printing tutorials

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the weekend artist
Statistics for the weekend artist
an art/inspiration blog which catalogues the weekend artist's works.

Tags: crafts, watercolor, artist, weekend, inspirational

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Statistics for ...ShusH...
Someday I will become a "mangaka"! :) While I'm preparing for that dream, please join me in my journey through this blog. ^.^

Tags: artworks, literature, doodles, sketching, stories

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http://parties by happynest DIY style
Statistics for http://parties by happynest DIY style
Inspiring you to create your own simple and fab parties.

Tags: Party DIYs, Party Essentials, Party Crafts

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Pixel Lodge
Statistics for Pixel Lodge
Pixel Artworks made for fun. Collection of my art ranging from Game Graphics, Fanart, Tilesets, Sprites and other interests. >D

Tags: pixels, fanart, sprites, graphics, artworks

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Arts and Creative Resources Center
Statistics for Arts and Creative Resources Center
It chronicles about the things that matter to us all.

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Statistics for cheerfulnuts
Life can be crazy sometimes for a little girl. So many demands, so many pressures, and so many responsiblities. But I'm not a little girl anymore. Only my size is, but my age doesn't stop to grow. Read on to find out the nutty life of a little g

Tags: news, psychology, childhood, games, travel

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Murphy St. Claire Red
Statistics for Murphy St. Claire Red
personal accounts of my day-to-day life activities and events.

Tags: murphyred

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Obat Luka Diabetes
Statistics for Obat Luka Diabetes
Penderita mempunyai luka membusuk di bagian kaki. Besarnya sekitar 10 cm. Penanganan yang dilakukan adalah dengan pembekaman. Pembekaman ini dilakukan 2 kali dalam sehari. Dilakukan rutin selama 2 minggu.

Tags: health

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Statistics for IRMA DALDAL EXPOSE!

Tags: irma daldal, models

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Our Cultural Heritage
Statistics for Our Cultural Heritage
Atty Rose Beatrix C. Angeles (Trixie Cruz-Angeles): Articles related to and pertaining to protecting the Filipino Cultural Heritage

Tags: Filipino Cultural Heritage, Atty Rose Beatrix Angeles, Trixie Cruz-Angeles, NCCA, Monuments and Sites

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Pinoy Tv HD Replay
Statistics for Pinoy Tv HD Replay
Our site provides Pinoy HD Video Replay Episode and the only place for Pinoy Tambayan of the best Pinoy Tv Show.

Tags: Pinoy Tv, Pinoy Tv Show, PinoyTv, Pinoy HD Replay, Pinoy Tv Episode

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Statistics for CartoonURpet
This is a blog where you can order to cartoon your pets in traditional drawing (freehand) and color it digitally using Adobe Photoshop software or using water color medium and frame them on canvass.

Tags: cartoon, pets, dogs, cats, frame

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Teenage Dreamer
Statistics for Teenage Dreamer
An eighteen year old enthusiast soon to rock the world.

Tags: fashion, photography, DIY

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Artsy-fartsy...a little bit gutsy...and everything in between.
Statistics for Artsy-fartsy...a little bit gutsy...and everything in between.
A journey into the world of cross stitching and thereabouts.

Tags: cross stitch, embroidery, stitching, needlecraft, haberdashery

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Di's Dilights
Statistics for Di's Dilights
Hi I'm Di,my blog is filled with my finds, insights, & musings. The world is a rich place to be. I like trying or learning something new and interesting. Join me in my adventures and come to know how I view our world and our great God who created

Tags: diy, food, musings, travel, finds

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creative t-shirt design ideas
Statistics for creative t-shirt design ideas
Creative and cool t-shirt designs for men and women | Humor t-shirt | Couple shirt design |Tourism t-shirt |statement shirts | Campaign Shirts

Tags: Creative and cool t-shirt design, Couple shirt design, Humor t-shirt, Campaign Shirt

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Hooked ThreadLine
Statistics for Hooked ThreadLine
My blog consists of posts regarding my hobby, crochet and promoting my Facebook page to sell some of my creations, to attract more audience and to build inspiration to others to appreciate handmade crafts more.

Tags: crochet, arts, handmade crafts, inspiration, designs

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La Mer de Reve
Statistics for La Mer de Reve
La Mer de Reve is about Bre's art works; interesting finds about art, design, crafts, literature, current events, simple living, and even her son's musings.

Tags: artwork, design, drawing, illustrations, literature

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Pilipinas Debates 2016 Live Streaming
Statistics for Pilipinas Debates 2016 Live Streaming
Pilipinas Debates 2016 Live Streaming Pilipinas Debates 2016 Live Streaming Round 2 Round 3, Pilipinas Debates 2016 Replay, Pilipinas Debates 2016 Streaming, Pilipinas Debates 2016 Round 1 2 3 full video, Pilipinas Debates 2016 Live

Tags: Pilipinas Debates 2016 Live Streami, Pilipinas Debates 2016 Live Streami, Pilipinas Debates 2016 Replay, Pilipinas Debates 2016 Streaming, Pilipinas Debates 2016 Round 1 2 3

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Statistics for MNL KDD
MNL KDD. ART. CULTURE. STUFF. is run by Vincent Africa, Illustrator/designer currently based in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Tags: random, culture, graphic design, manila, design

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Statistics for theblackblogofjv
Jv. 22. Inspirational Art Blog. Personal Art blog. Freelance Architect / Artist. ART TRADE + ART REQUEST

Tags: music, art, design, photography, fashion

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Statistics for Mayeblogako
mixing fashion and art and creating nano bots.

Tags: fashion, art, shoot

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Ako si Indoy
Statistics for Ako si Indoy
Ako si Indoy The Modern Nanny. Ito'y seryosong trabaho na hindi pwedeng ikahiya sa kahit ninuman.narito si Indoy ang kaagapay niyo.

Tags: intertainment, news, HUMORS, ideas, movie

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Krazy Beeootiful
Statistics for Krazy Beeootiful
artisan jewelry, adventures and misadventures in mixed media art - not to mention life

Tags: jewelry, handmade, mixed media, wire, gemstones

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Limpinas Gunpla
Statistics for Limpinas Gunpla
Mecha, Mechapinoy, Anime, Gunpla, bakuc, Gundam, Barzam

Tags: Mecha, gundam, gundam, barzam, Mechapinoy, Anime

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Dolls On Top
Statistics for Dolls On Top
Follow the adventure of my Momoko Doll and her other doll friends!

Tags: Momoko, Dolls, Fashion Doll

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Crafts For All Occasion
Statistics for Crafts For All Occasion
simpLy hand-made..

Tags: crafts, Pinoy, simple, hand-made, occasions

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Life's Scraps
Statistics for Life's Scraps
Life of a Digi-scrapper and some digital scrap booking freebies such as word art, papers and etc.

Tags: freebies, word art, digital scrap booking, life

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