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Silentman Studios
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Silentman Studios blog is all about photo retouching, digital painting and foam props making. I'll be sharing photoshop tips and tricks, painting process and progress and my craft props projects.

Tags: photoshop, retouching, crafts, digital painting, digital art

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Fizzy Caps
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Fizzy Caps offers a variety of affordable bottle cap accessories and more.

Tags: bottle caps, accessories, tansan, crown caps, caps

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Krazy Beeootiful
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artisan jewelry, adventures and misadventures in mixed media art - not to mention life

Tags: jewelry, handmade, mixed media, wire, gemstones

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I Love Keisha
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I love Keisha

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Dolls On Top
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Follow the adventure of my Momoko Doll and her other doll friends!

Tags: Momoko, Dolls, Fashion Doll

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